Friday, September 13, 2013

Hello Weekend!

A brief bit of sun early yesterday afternoon gave me a chance to visit with 
Ginger and MaryAnn.

I stop to feed them and change their water three times daily,
but spending a little time just communing with them is always a treat!

No matter what she is doing,
when I come to visit, MaryAnn always plops down on her side for some lovin'.

Ginger, as you can see, is less interested and continues munching hay.

After a summer of grazing,
their yard is pretty depleted of nutritious grass.
Now their diet is supplemented with a daily allowance of hay.
What hay they don't eat becomes their bedding.

By the time afternoon feeding came around,
the sky had changed to this...

Strong storms with gusty winds and a little rain swept through
ushering our last little bit of summer along with them.
The weatherman tells us they are the harbingers of Autumn.
Cooler temperatures predicted for the next week have made a believer out of me.

Yesterday I received a question concerning the welfare of Tom and Chuck,
our beautiful Bourbon Red Turkey boys.
Here is an update:

A little intimidated by the impending storm,
Tom and Chuck are not looking puffed up as usual...

 I assure you they are doing super-duper as always....
the ever-present farm mascots who spend their days strutting their stuff...
hanging out with their chicken and guinea friends.

They still have not gotten the hang of returning to their house at night,

so, each and every evening we host a turkey parade as we usher them home
to rest safe and sound for the night.

 It has now been over a year since their girl, Edith passed away.
They seem to do just fine as two bachelors,
with the exception of a few weeks in the spring that would normally be mating season.
During those weeks, they are two cantankerous old coots who cuss and spar
and cause a general disturbance.
Such behavior is not taken lightly, and they end up in "time out."

Hard to believe, but here we are back at Friday again!
Hope your weekend is super...
filled with the sights, sounds, and tastes that make this time of year so delectable!!!
Yummy September!!


  1. Your critters are so lucky to have such a loving home.
    That French toast looks divine!
    Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Happy weekend . . . I am scrambling . . . frost predictions for tonight!

  3. Ginger and Maryann can just roll over and snack on their beds if they get hungry in the middle of the night..Can pigs eat lying down? I saw that French Toast post..Looks wonderful..So glad that heat and humidity has left us...Have a wonderful weekend..

  4. everyone looks happy as they always do : ) I am reeaaaaallllyyyy hoping that it starts cooling down soon , our nights are still warm and days are still hot as can be!

  5. Lovely photos ! It has got so chilly here this evening we have had to put the furnace on and they say possible frost over night . Oh that looks soo yummy. Thanks for sharing will have to make that french toast some time ! Have a good weekend !

  6. You are a good animal person. They are lucky to have good food and shelter. Enjoy the weekend. xoxo,Susie


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