Monday, September 30, 2013

Harvesting and Cooking

Dearest Autumn, how do I love thee?
Oh goodness, I can't even count the ways!!

We had a weekend with spectacular weather...and more to come this week.
Sunny, perfectly temperate days gave us a chance to get some outside chores finished.

Trimming pig's hooves was on the top of the list,
and with Amanda's help,

(she was in charge of belly rubbing)
we were able to finally finish Ginger's pedicure.

We moved the stumps, left over from the trees that were taken down in the pigpen,

to the picnic pavilion.

With their tops covered with polyurethatne,

these beautiful pieces of wood will serve as casual seating around the pavilion.

The pizza oven is scheduled for completion today.
Beneath the protective cardboard cover is a black iron door,
brick arch and grey keystone.
The open area at the bottom is for wood storage.

I couldn't be happier with the way it has turned out!

We have been busily harvesting the last of the squash, beets,
herbs, tomatoes and peppers from the garden.

From the butternut squash,

which we roasted,

we constructed a squash and chard lasagne.
Delicious! (Recipe Here)

Amanda roasted the beets...

and used them to bake a German chocolate cake and cupcakes.
(You cannot even taste the beets!)

We tried our hand (quite successfully) at making cottage cheese.
If only we had a cow, we could be quite self sufficient!

A couple of weeks ago I picked apples from our orchard,
and stewed them with cinnamon and sugar.
Then I added the cooked apple slices to a baked oatmeal.
It was yummy....
so I thought this weekend I would repeat that recipe...
and found that the remaining apples in our orchard look like this...

Wasps have had a feast on the few apples that were left in our orchard.

I find it amazing how they eat all of the pulp out of the skin...
leaving the empty skin hanging! much those wasps can eat!


  1. what a wonderful way to reuse the trees! i can't wait to see what comes out of the new oven. another week of this wonderful weather! are you seeing many stink bugs?

  2. Love the pizza oven...can't wait for the full reveal! Do I see a cow or two in your future?

  3. Love how you repurposed the tree stumps and didn't just burn them or leave them to rot. They will look super in your pavilion area.

  4. Bev, the pizza oven is fantastic and the food looks absolutely divine!!

  5. Love your weather!!! We are going on four days of down pour with high winds. You would think this is January. No more veggies from the garden for me. I rescued the last of the tomatoes as the storm blew in. I need to come visit you!! Did you say Pizza soon??

  6. The weather has been wonderful here to and we have been outside getting all kinds of things done . Lovely post and photos . Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

  7. PIZZA...YUM...The oven looks wonderful..Love the stump seats..great idea..It seems one can re purpose just about anything..The Pavilion has really come together..

  8. Your pavilion looks wonderful and I know you can't wait to try the pizza oven. Don't you just love fall? I'd love the recipe for the German chocolate cake made with the beets!

  9. Pizza oven is great! Wonderful idea! Never thought of using beets that way......another great idea. We have plenty of beets here.

  10. Happy Fall! God, I love this time of year too.


  11. Looks and sounds like some mighty busy days at the BHA!


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