Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Frittering Away in The Heat

What do Sam....

Red Fred....

and Milford have in common?

They are panting!!

Remember last week when I talked about skipping through the chores
on an Autumn-like breeze?
Well Summer must have heard me and decided to stop slacking.
She's back with a vengeance.
I am told, though, we only have two hot days to suffer through and then it's 
back to cooler temperatures.

The donkeys could care less.
Heat never seems to bother them.
In fact, they prefer to stand in the sun over a cool spot in the shade!

And the goats?  Well, as long as dinner is on time,
they don't care about the temperature!

As for me...
I'm heading for the shade and with a tall, cool drink!l
And maybe one of these...

I took pears, sliced them, dipped them in batter, fried in sunflower oil,
and sprinkled with cinnamon sugar, others in confectioners' sugar.
Easy and delicious.


  1. sam, red fred, milferd and ME!!! ugh...this is awful. when i let teddy out this morning very early, it was like walking into an oven. we are supposed to get rain this afternoon. my husband is going to love these fritters!

  2. Tomorrow should be the last of the heat...I hope it's for real this time..Those Fritters look so yummy..Wish I were closer..(for lots of reasons). Stay cool..Hugs...

  3. Summer again here too . . . I liked the look and sounds of that pear . . . I bought some yesterday . . . hmmmm . . .

  4. Gary & I were kinda looking like, Fred, Sam & Milford yesterday... the air conditioner in the Jeep went out! In 90degree weather no less....
    oh well, at least our other car's Air works fine!
    hang in there Sam, Fred & Milford...

  5. I should send you a photo of me today because I am about to start panting like Sam, Luke & Milford. It is after 7PM & still 98 degrees. I always thought donkeys & mules loved the high temps. Do you remember the Borax detergent commercial from around 1970 where they showed the team of mules pulling the wagons of Borax across Death Valley's floor? I wish I was too young to remember that one.
    The Pear looks delicious. I will make some as soon as it is cool enough to heat the stove. They look simple & delicious. The wineries where I live are soooo happy that the prolonged heat has produced a bumper crop of grapes to make into vino. It reminded me of your endless crop of concord grapes. I bet that grape concentrate tastes wonderful in the middle of Winter.


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