Monday, September 23, 2013

Caught in the Act!

The perpetrator...

finally caught in the act...

as the pigs look on...

with righteous indignation.

Tyler takes it upon himself to scold the thief!

And Ginger follows suit.

Then pigs and boy settle in for a rousing game
of rock tossing.

Ginger, quite curious, smells every inch of Tyler,

and Tyler, oblivious, attends to the task at hand.

Is there anything more fun than a mud puddle and some rocks?

"Why, yes," says Ginger,

 "little boys are tons of fun!"

And MaryAnn was ecstatic to hear that the "moochers"
were now locked out by a closed door.


  1. I demand to know how Tyler can be playing in mud, and yet be spotless. You are good!!!

  2. Tyler`s friends. They must love his visits. Boys are so I am sure they are saying what will he do next..lets watch. Just plain cute!!
    The weather sure is interesting. Hot then cold and RAIN!! I keep saying it is better than the snow we know will come soon.
    Have a wonderful day. Looks like we have a week of awesome weather so we can enjoy doing some outdoor chores.

  3. Love those mud puddle photos... Priceless shots.

  4. It amazes me how you seem to get the perfect photo shots! Caught in the act, ha-ha!!

    Love, love mud puddles, little boys and then add rocks. All is right with the world! Hugs!!

  5. Why don't you feed that poor thing?..Moonie must go begging !! Looks like he had some company :)..Hope you have the problem fixed now...Looks like Ty and the pigs have a fun time together..Have a good week..

  6. I always have such a great time visiting here at the farm.. I just love the photos with Tyler. He is such a sweetheart..

  7. Love the photos of Tyler and the pigs soo cute . Oh I would of been in that mud puddle when I was his age , I was quite the mucky farm Tom boy lol . Thanks for sharing ! Have a good day !

  8. Oh the pictures I say all are great!

    i like to get in and visit at your farm 100%.

  9. What wonderful pictures of the little big man with the that! Just like he will be ignoring the girls for the next 10 years! Ha!

  10. Sweet HEARTS . . . little "grand" boy and all his animal friends/cousins!


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