Thursday, August 8, 2013

Zen And The Art of Pig Maintenance

Our Sammy is an unusual dog.
Some days he is all about the fun.
Some days he is just Zen.

MaryAnn:  "Hey Sammy..."
Sammy: "Yes?"

MaryAnn:  "Wanna play?"
Sammy:  "No, I'm meditating."

MaryAnn:  "Come on, Sammy...let's play!"

MaryAnn: "Psssst....Sammy... down here...."
Sammy:  "Yes?"

MaryAnn:  "Play with me Sammy!"

Sammy:  "Meditating....."

Sammy:  "Can't a guy get a little peace and quiet?"

MaryAnn:  "Ok, I give up."

PS: me here and I will give you some chicken tips!!!


Lynne said...

Sammy, Zen adorable . . . Mary Ann, flirtatious with very little Zen. (Very cute though!)

JudiB said...

Sammy is priceless. What a busy lad he is. I guess he needs to have his quiet time like the rest of us. How old is he now? He is such an great companion for you even if I am sure there are "days"
I posted a few rants about your egg story. Sorry if I got carried away. LOL another one of my sensitive areas to do with our food and farming. Don't get me going on Cash Crop Farming and how they are closing down the family farm as we remember it.
Have a great day with your friends soon. J.

Junebug said...

Yes, they are days like that in all our lives. Just piece and quiet needed! Cute, cute pics!!! Hugs

missy said...

Boys will be boys..Hope you're having a fun day.. said...

When do you plan to write your Animal humour books? Your a hoot!

The words go so well wit the pictures.

Love it.

jaz@octoberfarm said...

so cute!

Denise at Autumn Sky said...

Oh Mary Ann, come to my house and I will play with you. Who could resist?

pab01 said...

Too clever!!! Love your animal family and your gift for giving them all a voice!!! Thank you for keeping us "city slickers" smiling out here!!! *~*


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