Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Sammy Wants to Play

Grape picking and jam-making was at the top of the list for
yesterday's farm chores.

This year the grapes are plumper than they have ever been.

And the vines are loaded!

I put the first batch of grapes through the juicer leaving the skins and seeds behind
before cooking and making jam.
This batch came out a maroon color.
(note: these two jars will go right into the refrigerator, as they were not processed)

For the second batch, I cooked the entire grape and then strained it.
Hopefully cooking the skins will give the jam a deeper purple color.
No matter the color, the taste is always divine!

Every time I head out for chores I have at least one buddy that comes with me...
and most times there are three.

Riding "shotgun" in the gator is always Maddie, our Newfie.
Maddie is very arthritic and riding along gives her a change of pace.
It's an adventure she looks forward to every day.

Every time the gator stops, Maddie stretches out on the floor...
relaxing while I work.

Oakley, on the other hand, is my shadow.
He follows me everywhere... all day long.
We call Oakley our "love sponge", as it is apparent that he lives for affection.

Having been rescued from a Kentucky shelter just two days before his scheduled euthanizing,
he shows his gratitude daily with undying love.

And then there is Sam.

If you read my blog with any regularity, you know Sam and his antics.
Sam loves fun.
And he loves to play with the farm animals.

Always respectful, he tries his hardest to get them to play with him.

All the animals are fair game.
"Wanna play chase?" he asks through the gate....

"Can't you see we're eating," answers Chloe, curling her lip at him.

Resigned, Sammy gives up and plops down outside their gate.

Maybe another time, Sammy....


  1. From the video, your farm has all sorts of interesting noises. Our dogs hated the guineas with their cry. Poor Sammy is really well mannered, especially as he didn't start out as a farm dog.

  2. Chloe does a mean Elvis imitation!

    All the pups are so sweet.

    Enjoy your grape harvest. They look juicy!

  3. I think you are already writing children's stories and this adult is enjoying! Love the Three Dogs at the Acres . . .

  4. Poor Sammy. Those goats just don't understand the rules of the game, do they? Rule #1 - RUN

  5. Cute post ! Our Miggs is a love sponge and she also loves to play with all kinds of animals . Thanks for sharing ! Have a good day !

  6. Poor Sammy wants so much to play with that little goat. No wonder he plays chase with the horses, with reckless abandon. They are such willing participants.

  7. Wild Grape jam is always DIVINE! Although keeping the birds (chickens,ducks,geese and guinea)away from them is a chore unto itself.
    My goats simply are in heaven when Big Dog wants to play.. Your dogs are truly happy hounds :)

  8. Poor Sam, so much energy and no one to play chase with. Maybe a puppy #4 will play chase. Just a suggestion!!!!

  9. Poor Sammie..He needs a visit from Mollie..They get a little crazy..The grapes are beautiful..I'm sure they'll taste as good as they look..

  10. PS..Sammy needs a playmate and Maddie needs something to mother..Hmmmm.

  11. Your jam looks delicious, I can't wait to see how the processed jam came out!

    You pups are so sweet & Sammy is just a fun loving pup!

  12. That jam looks delicious ! Oakley is one lucky dog , I really think that they can sense that they have been saved. Maybe you should get Sam a playmate : ) j/k I know three dogs is enough....unless you can handle four : )

  13. I am not much of a dog person...because of my old neighbor from where I lived...she never played with her dogs or walked them or any kind of they barked all the time, morning,noon and night. But there are some dogs that I look at and really, really like them....your dog Sam is one of them.xoxo,Susie


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