Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Sam And Gracie's Playdate

Sitting quietly against the fence in the goat pasture,
I witnessed this scene yesterday afternoon.

Missy to Nettie, "What is that out in the pasture?"
"I'm not sure," Nettie whispered back.  
"It seems to be all legs and they're writhing every which way!"

"Look!  Now it's hidden behind a chicken!" said Sissy.

It was apparent that Sam was trying his darnedest to entice Gracie to play with him.

Naturally, curiosity got the best of her.

"Wanna chase me?" asked Sam.

"Maybe," said Gracie, teasingly.

But, like every other time, she was only teasing...

and she turned on her heels and headed back to the hay feeder.

Sam, of course, followed her.

"Come on," said Sam, "chase me!"

This little game when on for quite some time.
Each time Gracie would move just a little,
sending Sam into a tailspin.

With each false start that Gracie made,
Sam darted away...
enticing her to chase him.

Which, sadly (for Sam) she never did.

And so it is, most times, for Sam.
Great hopes for a rousing game of chase just don't seem to materialize.

Sam does, however, provide a lot of entertainment for the girls...

And the rest of the goats.

Sam gives up on play and heads for some refreshment.

 Gracie calls behind him, "Hey Sam, wanna play chase?"

What a tease you are Gracie!
Tell me...
isn't she just about the cutest little goat?


  1. poor sammie! does he try to play with the fainters and do they faint? i guess goats just don't chase?

  2. Very cute! Our Lab Molly does the same with our horses. Every once in a while they give in and chase. But never long enough for Molly. :) Animals are so fun to watch!

  3. Yes, she is cute, but I'll bet Sam is wondering about her I.Q. considering that she STILL does not get the rules of the game. Come on, Gracie!!

  4. What a cute post. Gracie is adorable and you have to admire Sam for his "never give up" attitude.

  5. A cutie for sure..Poor Sam, like Mollie, needs something to chase..Mollies a teaser knowing that her "victim " is on a leash and can't really get her, she'll run back and forth in front of him/her..high speed..You can almost hear her saying "you can't get me"...
    Cute post Bev..

  6. Very cute! When my dog was a puppy, he'd love to bug the old retired cow into a game of chase. She wasn't too happy with it, but he just had the most fun!

  7. lol very cute post! Sam has some beautiful eyes i love how they match his fur!

  8. This post made me smile. Love, love it.


  9. Poor Sam, you'd think the goat would want to try and butt him. Also why aren't the chickens chasing him. Animals can be so funny. xoxo,Susie

  10. Wonderful post and photos ! I was smiling through out it all as Sam is so much like our Miggs here only with the critters lol ! Thanks for sharing ! Have a good day !

  11. Such fun your family is . . . really fun to see the antics.


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