Friday, August 23, 2013

One Honey of a Day

Please excuse the brevity of this post.
I am writing this Thursday night after 10:00 PM.

I have just finished filling every jar that I saved over the past year
with the most delicious honey we have ever harvested.

For four hours we cut the caps off of the honey comb...

spun the frames in the centrifuge...

then filtered...

 and finally bottled about 7 gallons of honey.

And that was just one hive's honey.


What a summer it has been...
each and every harvest has been plentiful.

Besides harvesting honey, I also mowed our largest pasture,
and did a woodworking project... as well as the normal farm chores.
Needless to say I am tired.

So, I will leave you with this little question...

Who do you suppose bit a hole in the end of Chloe's fly mask?

All I can say is... Daphne's not talking!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend.
We are spending ours with friends for a brief getaway
to the Chesapeake Bay.

The farm will be well tended by family and friends in our absence.
Our animals won't even miss us.
They'll have a weekend with lots of lovin'!

PS:  It's 10:40 PM and I have just crawled into bed...
Hubbs lets Sammy into the house.
What's that awful smell?
Oh, NO.....Sammy.....skunk.
No bedtime here...nope....time to give Sam a de-skunk bath.
That Sam........


  1. Oh no...what an end to such a productive day! What is your most effective de-skunk process? Our Bailey has been hit twice and we don't seem to have much luck getting the smell out. It seems to linger for months especially when she gets wet. Enjoy your trip to Chesapeake Bay!

  2. Oh Sammy... It's always something on a farm, lol!

    What a productive day/season y'all have had... awesome!

    And all that honey, oh man, liquid gold! I'm on my last jar of raw honey from a friend's bees in NY:(. And it won't last long! (I can't wait until I can have my own bees) Enjoy! And have a super fun weekend with your friends (and I'm pretty sure the animals will miss you. Ok, maybe it'll be the Ritz crackers they miss! Just kidding!)

  3. You had a busy day ! That sure is alot of honey are you going to sell it? I hope you enjoy your trip.

  4. What a cool post! So sorry about the skunk - that is the worst!!! And it always happens when all you want to do is go to bed :(

  5. Daphne would have been my first guess..Stinky Sammy..hope you got some well deserved sleep..Congratulations on your honey harvest..Kelly Rippa described her perfect life this AM and it would be yours..Her son wants to raise bees and she wants fancy chickens that she'll name..You should invite her to visit :)..Have a great weekend..Say Hi to Liz..

  6. I do not know alot about honey, other than I love it...but that is a whole lot of yummy honey there. Have fun on your trip...

  7. i bet sammy got the smell of honey out of your nose! have a fun weekend...lots of bee envy here!

  8. As I have said . . . you are an amazing dynamo. I hope you managed a few hours of sleep after the Sammy de-skunk bath! (Probably knew you were going away and wanted to keep you home!)

  9. Oh, my poor Sammy, poor Mommy and Daddy! What a long day for all of you!

    Nice honey harvest. Glad the bees are back in business this year.

  10. Wow! That honey looks good!

  11. My mouth actually filled up with saliva when I saw all your delicious honey. Isn't honey the best. I buy mine from beekeepers just a few minutes from my house. They keep their hive at the cranberry bog.

  12. That's quite the process to get honey from bee to jar, but bet it's so sweet and delicious too!


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