Friday, August 30, 2013

Morning Glorious

Every spring I plant a few morning glory vines around the tall garden fence.
And by the time summer comes to a close,
the garden is surrounded by glorious purple trumpets.

From year to year, these cheerful blossoms re-seed themselves and multiply.

In multiplying, they are reborn in different colors...

and patterns...

Morning glories make every morning glorious,
but by mid afternoon, they close themselves up tightly...
avoiding the scorching heat...
waiting to once again show themselves in the soft morning sunlight of a new day.

Even a misty, moist morning is glorious 
when viewed from the magical flower-lined space that is our garden.

I've learned to appreciate each day without judgement...
not labeling any weather as "bad", but rather just as "what is".

With the realization that any given day can be one's last...
why label it with a negative connotation.
Each and every day is perfect in its own way.
I don't know about you....but if any given day were to be my last...
I would want it to be perfect!

Have a glorious weekend.
We will be spending ours with family...
squeezing the last bit of summer fun out of the holiday...
picnicking, playing, and enjoying the perfection of the day.

Happy Labor Day to you and yours...
from all of us at Bee Haven Acres!


  1. I love your attitude. So very true. Morning glories are so wonderful to gaze upon at the start of each day. We love 'em!

  2. i have morning glories everywhere. i think i planted some about 20 years ago. it is foggy and very warm this morning. 4 more days and it cools off! have a wonderful labor day weekend.

  3. I love morninglories too, but my husband thinks of them as weeds. Well, they can be weedy, but they are so pretty. I love those stripy ones you have.
    Have a great weekend, friend!

  4. GLORIOUS in flower, loved "family" and thoughts. Enjoy a "perfect" Labor Day weekend,,

  5. Love this post! Each and everyday is a gift! Even the 102 degrees here in TX. makes a perfect pool day!
    Maddie is so cute in the pic! Hugs and Happy Labor Day weekend to you!!

  6. I believe I will plant some of those near the chicken coop next year...they are so lovely. And this is a lovely post..sweet thoughts. Have a great weekend.

  7. Have a wonderful holiday week-end. We will be spending ours with local friends having hot dogs on the grill... xox

  8. Lovely post..Beautiful morning glories..Love the variety..I hope you always have that wonderful outlook on life..Hoping all your days are perfect..Have a great weekend..Hugs

  9. Morning glories are wonderful. We had them each year at our other house. They were on our porch. They were so pretty there. I really like the striped ones that you have.


  10. Those pictures are amazing! Here at senior match, we don't have as many beautiful flowers to brighten our day - you've given the inspiration to plant some in the yard, just to keep that glimpse of heaven for a little bit longer. Thank you for brightening a lot of people's days. :)

  11. Beautiful! I've always loved your goat and pig close-ups, but just fell in love with a donkey. Not that there's anything wrong with that!


  12. Oh those flowers M.G I had at other place. First thing in the morning they are so beautiful.

    All the colors. That and Pansies.

    Have a great weekend.

  13. I love m.g,'s! It's as if they are shouting "hey, look at me" each morning before their nap! They've always made me smile!

    Happy Labor Day Weekend!

  14. Love your morning glories...I didn't know they would make other colors. Where's my favorite dog Sam?? You have a beautiful farm. Hope all of you are enjoying your weekend. xoxo,Susie

  15. hey Bev,,, yup! I luvs MG toooo! and what's not to luv about them...


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