Friday, August 16, 2013

Hay Here, Hay There, Hay Everywhere!

If you have read my blog for a while,
then you will know that what I am about to tell you I say with great jubilation!
We have hay.
Dry hay.
Hay that will be baled by the end of the day.
The end of worries about animal feed for winter.

I cannot tell you how difficult it has been these two past years to harvest any decent hay.
In a!
It seems that finding 4 straight days of sun, light wind, and low humidity
here in central PA in the summertime has been next to impossible.

And yet... it has happened!!
So, today we will be hauling bales of hay and filling the barn.
(really hard work...exhausting!)

Honey harvest.

I'll share pics of that on Monday.

And before I leave you for the weekend,
a Milford update.

It seems our little friend has fallen into a pretty good daily routine.
Up with the sun.
Visiting with the hens at the henhouse.

Back to the barn a couple times a day for meals.

Back to the hens until bedtime.

Bedtime in the barn... in a comfy cat bed, with head on pillow.
Poor spoiled rooster!

We should all have it so good.

Now that the fainting goats are in the big pasture,
Sammy has access to them for the first time.

For some reason he loves skulking around... sniffing their bowls.

The goats are wary and keep all of their eyes on him while he's in the pasture.
Little do they know that Sammy is completely harmless....
and a little freaked out by them!

Now, out I go to clean the honey extractor (centrifuge) and all of the equipment
we will need for tomorrow's honey harvest...
then later today... baling hay.

Have a wonderful weekend...
we'll be back on Monday with more Tails from the Farm.


  1. i have honey envy! i really wish i could have hives. have a great weekend and bale lots of hay!

  2. As a kid growing up on a farm I loved haying season. Riding on the truck load of hay bales back to the barn was the highlight. Sitting up on top you had a great view for the 1/2 mile trip. Enjoying haying and I can close my eyes and enjoy the smell of fresh hay. Hugs!!

  3. Happy HAY news! Celebrate . . .

  4. So glad you got to use (bale) this crop of hay..Sammy looks more wary of the goats than they do of him..Funny picture...Harvesting time when it depends on the weather can be truly you well know..Have a wonderful weekend...

  5. Happy days of hay WOOHOO ! I am glad you have hay this year and mother nature was good to you ! Lovely photos . Fresh hay and fresh honey couldn't get better then that ! Thanks for sharing . Have a wonderful weekend !

  6. We have hay, and no one to bale it! It stinks to have to purchase baled hay when you have acres of it to cut. I envy your honey and your hay! I went to "Angelsdoor",(you know Penny), this morning, and she had a cute little felted piggy, I thought of your pigs first thing!

  7. Well thank you, thank you, and thank you Bev! I am so happy you enjoyed meeting Rosebud..
    I would be honored to felt Maryann.
    Well, I could give it my best try anyway.. Point me to a photo of her.
    I know you have a post here somewhere with Maryann.
    How sweet of Jeri to send you over.

    Your photos are just beautiful.. Spoiled Rooster indeed.. What a lucky one he is!
    Enjoy your weekend

  8. You sure have a nice farm. Lots of animals too. I like how clean your farm looks. Can't wait to see the honey work. Now I know the meaning of making hay while the sun shines.:):)Blessings to all of you. xoxo,Susie


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