Thursday, August 1, 2013

Carrots For Ginger and MaryAnn

Yesterday morning I began harvesting carrots.
The garden was so beautiful with the early morning sun.

The bees were congregating on the sunflowers...

busy little pollinators!

And the rest of today's story is here....

When chores were finished yesterday, I took some time to relax and 
catch up on some favorite reads.
The gentle breeze, the birdsongs, all served to lull me to sleep.
I have to say, relaxing is delicious.
I should try it more often!!

I also spent a little time bringing some of the flowers into the house.
I love to use my favorite collections to showcase flowers.
Old wooden or metal carriers with antique medicine bottles....

Did you know that adding a drop of bleach to your flower water
will keep the water from getting "gross" and make your flowers last longer??
It works, really.


  1. They look like they were in hog heaven with those carrots! Wow, your driveway is loooooooooong! Great way to get exercise on your own property. Just lovely.

  2. A couple of carrot lovers for sure! Cute video! Being outside of the fence worked much better! Happy piggies . . .

  3. What a fun ride we got to take with you! You should get a helmet cam for the next one. Little Miss Piggies do love those carrots!

  4. Very relaxed in that hammock you are.Nice flower tip.

    Have a continued nice day.

  5. Oh how cute Maryann and Ginger to love those carotts.

    I enjoyed your visit with the video take.

    You do well capturing with the video on the them.

    Do you have camera on your head some video's people have them placed .You can buy them that way.

    I mean not a wiggle of your camera.

    Even the first half of you riding the bike taking was good.

    Oh love your drive way but I bet in the winter to take care of removing snow but then You have snow equipment that is hardy.

    Wow you seem so happy being a farm gal so early in the morning.

  6. What a fun post this morning. I have to agree, they are piggies for their carrots. Ahh, relaxing, I didn't think you know what that was, ha-ha!! You should try it more often before the sunny day are gone! Great choice of reading! Hugs!!

  7. Once again, you brought Mollie out of the closet..I'm sure it was your voice and not piggie snorts..Much better photo wise through the fence..Time for a helmet cam?? Very cute post..

  8. Your table arrangements are elegant yet country and I love them.

  9. Your old wooden box on the table is perfect sitting there.

    OH, and NOTHING beats time in a hammock... NOTHING!

  10. My two corgi girls love carrots also.

    I love the way you displayed your cut flowers.

  11. What a cute video of the girls. I laughed the whole time. Now I have to get up and check my carrots!

  12. Ohh I so love Ginger and Maryanne. They are just so sweet and those pig noses.. I used to love getting piggy kisses from my girls when I had them. How on earth does your pig pen stay so neat? My girls had theirs completely dug up, Im talkin HUGE craters. It was treacherous going in there.. LOL.. I adore the way you have your flowers on display. Where do you find the old bottles?

  13. I love your pig videos! Those two are precious. I laughed so hard at the part that was just their two heads looking through the fence chewing their carrots.

  14. Loved that video! Adorable. I bet Sammy would like carrots too, my dog, loves them.

    Thanks for the tip about the flowers! Your displays and flowers are wonderful!


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