Friday, August 9, 2013

A Look Back....

It's hard to believe it's been two years now since we brought
Ginger and MaryAnn home to the farm.

Let's take a quick look back...

It's hard to believe they were ever this tiny!!

Even then they loved a belly rubbin!

I am reposting these pictures because I had a girls' day away in New York City
We got home very late....
with no time to write a new story.

Hope to see you back here on Monday,
and we'll be bringing you more Tails from the Farm!!


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  2. TWO YEARS ALREADY!.. sheesh.

    And I have been surprised at how BIG they actually got. If pigs actually stayed MINI MINI, I'd love to have two around here. Yours are just adorable.. I love their coat hair and coloring.

  3. Has it been two years already? Mercy!

    I remember the post when y'all were bringing them home and how cute they were. I told my Hubby about them since he loves pigs and wants one some day.

    Sweet girls those two!

  4. Ahhhhhh, It is hard to believe they were that little!!! I always enjoy looking back! Cute little piggies!!!!

  5. Two Years! My times fly by so fast. That is about the time I found your blog. I have enjoyed reading all about your farm, you and your family and of course all your pets. Thank you! Have a wonderful weekend. It has been lovely out here in Northern Ca...mid eighties for several days. Very cool in the mornings and evenings.

  6. Today's post is great! Always nice to see the piggies!

  7. It's always nice to have a "remember when" post..Hope you had a great time in NYC..

  8. So cute! I don't know how you resist the temptation to get more piglets.

  9. Hope you had a fabulous time in NY! Your pigs are adorable. I realize that they are a lot bigger but still just as cute.


  10. such cute little piggies! How old were they when you got them? Do they smell like regular pigs do?


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