Wednesday, July 24, 2013

It Doesn't Get Any Better Than This!

By now you probably know that I think every day on the farm is a good day!
Every once in a while, though, a magical day comes along.

You know the kind....
The sun is shining through puffy storybook clouds.
The air is fresh and light; humidity lifted, a light breeze tickling your skin.
Your mind is clear... no thought... just an awareness of the beauty that surrounds you.

Yesterday was one such day.
When chores were finished, I took a little time to relax with Ginger and MaryAnn.

Milford accompanied me, as he had been all day... following me around as I worked
near the barn.

And of course Moll, my shadow, was there as she always is!

I sat with my back against the fence and let the pigs get their smells.

(pigs have very sensitive noses, much like dogs) 
They always pay particular attention to my shoes...their nostrils filled with scents brought back
from all corners of the farm.

Ok, what's with the shoes?

Eventually, MaryAnn settled down beside me for a nap.
With MaryAnn to my left,

and Moll at my feet.
Milford also settled down for a little nap.

It never ceases to amaze me how relaxed my animals are with each other.

Sitting there with the sound of the breeze in the treetops,
a sleeping pig beside me...
cat and rooster milling about...
I was filled with a sense of amazement at just how wonderful this life is.

I am so very lucky to spend hours in the company of amazing creatures,
surrounded by abundant beauty!

Life is good...this I know. is GREAT!

My day was topped off with a wonderful visit from a local couple
and their out-of-town guests from the Netherlands.

They came for a farm tour... quietly arriving without me hearing them,
as I lie nose to nose with MaryAnn in the pigpen.

I am sure they wondered about this strange woman on her stomach on the ground,
nose to nose with a pig!


  1. you are right! you do live in a remarkable place! i can never get enough of your animals and your farm. i bet the visitors were amazed. teddy always smells my shoes.

  2. Oh I just love your animals...and what's not to love about your beauteous!

  3. Wow, these are such fantastic photos. As always! Thanks for sharing - especially being in NYC in Summer, it's nice to have the photographic vacation.

  4. What always makes me happy when I read your blog and enjoy your photos are how much the animals respects and like each other. I can't get over the rooster and the cat just chumming around. The photo with Moll sitting on top of Maryann is priceless.

  5. Great post . . . left me with smiles!

    I wonder . . . what did they think about the "nose to nose?"

    Best photos . . . grey kitten snoozing on the piggy back!

  6. In my book it was a perfect day! Can't get much better, relaxing with the animals and a few snuggles! Hugs!!

  7. Fun post. Life is great indeed. :)

  8. I would have loved to sit quietly with you and enjoy that perfect moment....I promise I would be very very quiet and you wouldn't know I was there.

    Thanks for makes me smile.

  9. I am totally impressed that your cat can sit on top of a pig; some pig! My ideal day is sitting in a cabin on a porch wrapped up in a blanket with a hot cup of coffee to see the morning fog lifting from the ground to reveal the trees. I am a cold weather person all the way.

  10. this is what heaven looks like...

    Annie v.

  11. To me serenity: pictures of your cat and pig together. It is my new screen saver at work.

  12. Hi Bev,
    How right you are... What a wonderful world it is.. I wish I could sit with you and soak up all this beauty.. I just love Mary Ann. A cat and a pig, who would have thought... Just wonderful...
    Enjoy your day.

  13. What a wonderful post about such a wonderful life...and now Milford has joined your group of followers..I know that you are aware of how blessed you are..You are a good person and they recognize that..Hugs

  14. Perfect bliss. Love your farm and animals! Patty/BC

  15. I love how the piggies smile!!!

  16. She has the cutest little piggy teeth and mouth. LOL

  17. Lovely post and photos . Oh that cat and piggy make me laugh soo cute , best buddies lol ! Sounds like a perfect day ! The weather here is fall like with sunshine and puffy white clouds rolling by with fresh breezes , Miggs myself and all the birdies and critters are loving it ! Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

  18. Thank you for this post. Over the weekend I was out of town and spent a large part of one afternoon sitting on a rocky Northwest beach in the sun and wind. I felt like the day was perfect - where I needed to be, in perfect weather and able to feel gratitude for my situation.

    We need more days like this, huh?

  19. You reallly do live in a magical place filled with enchanted animals. I am beginning to seriously suspect that there may be a secret spring hidden on your land, where certain animals go to drink. It is the special water that allows them to remain in their animal forms, but become wiser than humans.
    You truely do live have have a Peaceable kingdom. The lion may not be lying with the lamb, but a cat lying on a pig looking at a chicken, beats the latter hands down. It is hard to process the sight of 4 different species (counting the human) contentedly relaxing together on a beautiful Summers' day.
    Something this special should never be spoiled by trying to find a rational explanation for it. Besides, there is only one explanation - Magic!

  20. I enjoyed your pics and message today so much. To see the animals and you, all stretched out in heavenly slumber was so great. They must pick up on the peace in you, for them all to relax and settle down so nicely together. It even brings out the calm in me. Thank you for that. What a lovely place you call home. God Bless You and your family and all your critters.

  21. It's such a gift when we can stop and really appreciate our blessings. Hope you have many more magical days.


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