Thursday, July 11, 2013

Hot, Muggy Afternoons

It's been a little while since we have visited with Ginger and MaryAnn.
Don't worry, I actually visit with them every day.
Most days when I walk into their yard, they come running to see me.

Today, however, they are both busy eating.
So, instead of waiting for them, let's go see what they are up to....
A video visit...

I thought you might get a chuckle out of this...
Smiling Jill says "hello friend!"
Don't you just love her smile?

While I was taking Jill's picture, nosey little Audrey came up behind me...

This little goat rarely lets anyone touch her,
but for some reason on this day she was quite taken with my camera.

In this hot, humid, muggy weather everyone gets a little lazy...

An afternoon nap is the best way to keep cool...

Sometimes it just feels good to lay your belly on the cool earth!


  1. Hot and steamy makes us wind down a bit, take a nap or two and for some of us, stretch our belly down in the grass . . .

  2. Jill's smile always sets me into giggling. She's adorable!

  3. I just love that Mary Ann. I can imagine it's pretty peaceful to sit with her and listen to her talk.

  4. Oh my gotta love that pig lol ! That was cute video and photos ! The humidity has lifted for us today after the storms that blew through yesterday . It is sunny with blue sky's and a cool breeze just the way I like it ! Thanks for sharing and stay cool . Have a good day 1

  5. they are all so cute. teddy eats just like the pigs! did you get the horrible storms?

  6. Mary Ann's grunting and your voice (or is it the other way around?) woke Mollie up..Tawdry Audry is still beautiful...Have a stupendous day..

  7. Cute! My children enjoy looking at your critter pictures!

  8. We love Jill's big toothy smiles. She has such a goofy smile. I don't think she could make a sad face not matter how hard she tried.
    Mary Ann did some fine snorting. Look like she could use a bit of moisturizer to help her dry itechy skin. Everybody enjoys a good arm pit itchin. If I may ask a personal question of Mary Ann - What is that dangling cigar shaped fuzzy on her jowel? I never noticed it before. But then I never noticed that shy little goat before either. Thanks for the cute video of the piggy girls. They are always so well mannered & happy to see you.

  9. Jill, that face!! LOL love it.. I love all your animals but I think Ginger and MaryAnn are my favorites. I miss my piggies :(


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