Friday, June 21, 2013

We Are Finally Ready!

We have had such a busy week!
We've mowed and trimmed, weeded and planted,
and cleaned out all the corners of the barns and sheds.

Everything is gleaming... even the outhouse!

Flowers fill every pot...

finishing touches...

so that everything looks perfect and welcoming.

Even the horses are shiny and bright...

with their manes and tails brushed,

and their bridal paths freshly clipped.

We are all in tip top shape for Saturday.
Saturday is our annual open farm day and we are expecting 125 guests.

We will have a cookout and old fashioned farm picnic.
It will be a day of fun, sunshine, good food, clean country air,
animal visits and hayrides.

I'll share lots of pictures on Monday.
Hope you have a great weekend, too!


  1. Sure wish I lived handy and was a guest. Sounds like a super fun time. Everything is sure looking spiffed up for the event. Have Fun!!

  2. What fun! I hope the weather is rain free! I bet you'll be trying out that new pavillion that was built a few weeks ago. I look forward to Monday and pictures . . .

  3. Bev, everything looks perfect and so welcoming, what a treat for all your guests! You and your family are blessed for all your hard work that goes into caring for our Earth. What a wonderful example you share!

  4. i am sure your party guests will be blown away. your place looks magnificent! enjoy your party!

  5. Lucky animals to have you as an owner. I love your farm and it very much shows that you do to. It is so very well taken care of. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Things look beautiful..Enjoy your day..Should be a beautiful..warmish !!

  7. Everything looks picture perfect & I am sure all the animals will be on their best behavior for the big event.
    You have worked like fiends to get the whole farm looking looking so amazing. You put a ton of love into it too & it shows. I hope you can all kick back and enjoy your guests & have a fantastic day celebrating another year at Bee Haven Acres. No one deserves a day off more than you guys do. I know that "day off" is a relative term when you have people, animals & people to care for, but I know you have a great time.

  8. Everything looks wonderful ! Have a great day Sat sounds like fun . Looking forward to hearing all about it ! Thanks for sharing and Happy first day of summer !

  9. Everything looks amazing! Enjoy!

  10. Thank you for sharing your beautiful home with us city girls.
    What a special place.
    I enjoy your blog so much.
    From Summer Friend.

  11. Everything looks great! Can't wait to see Mondays pics!

  12. Beautiful, just beautiful. I'm looking forward to seeing the photos!


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