Friday, June 7, 2013

Staying Indoors

After a week of beautiful days,
we are receiving some much needed rain.

In fact, we are receiving a LOT of rain.
The mowing and weeding are all caught up,
so we are concentrating on inside tasks...organizing every nook and cranny we can find.

Steady rain puts outdoor life on hold for most of our four legged friends.

The goats will stay inside their houses until the sun comes back out.

As will the donkeys. (After all, we wouldn't want to get our tiaras wet!)

"Rain?  What rain?" say the horses.

The turkeys tolerate it....a bit bedraggled.

As for the pigs...
they will stay housebound until it stops!

This rain will be wonderful for the garden and the orchards...
and for me...
one less daily chore.
No watering!

Have a wonderful weekend wherever you are.
And if you need a little rain, let me know.
I will direct it your way!

See you again on Monday when the sun comes back out!


Diane Cayton-Hakey said...

SUch a wet year we are having. I would think it is a bit depressing for some of the animals. Poor babies.

Lynne said...

We have had the rain and sunny days predicted for the weekend . . . We need a few sunny to absorb the soggy . . .

I will wish you SUNNY for very soon!

BaileyWife said...

It rains almost daily tired of it. When I do get to mow, I have to rake it too. At least our chickens benefit from the clippings ;) ~Kim

Gone Country said...

I've been wondering how our house has held up in TS Andrea but I can't worry about it since I'm not there and can't do anything about it anyway.

Meanwhile, some rain here in the desert would be nice!

Your fur-babies will be happy to see the sun again.

Good luck organizing and have a great weekend!

jaz@octoberfarm said...

we got some yesterday but so far none today. the pigs are like teddy....teddy would swim in a lake but won't go out in the rain...go figure! your garden looks beautiful. i am enjoying mine all neat and tidy now because i know it will be a jungle soon!

Junebug said...

It's still sunny here so I best get outside and water before heading to work. Have a great weekend!!!Hugs!

Missy George said...

"The sun will come out tomorrow." Enjoy the nice weekend ..It's to be a little soggy next week..Hugs

Country Gal said...

We are in the cloud and rain to . Mother natures nectar from the sky's for my gardens to how wonderful ! Lovely photos. Have a good day !

Karen L. Bates said...

I haven't checked the forecast but it is windy and cloudy maybe we will get some too. Enjoy your weekend inside.

Carine said...

oh yes, Linda from 7 MSN Ranch desesperately needs rain, please send her loads

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Rain and rain here too--I'm trying not to complain about it, because I know so many need it, and it's good for our well! Enjoy your weekend,and lets BOTH stay dry!! :-)


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