Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Poor Pitiful Pearl...The Tale of An Abandoned Chicken

I am happy to report that all is well with the chickens who were relocated.

They seem to have suffered no emotional scars, as far as I can tell,
from the move.

And they are very quickly and happily decimating the lush greens that fill their yard.

Amazingly, Rod, Elton and Number 6 are all getting along without incident.

Yesterday afternoon, as I opened the back door of the shed by the barn that
used to be the henhouse, but presently houses the turkeys at night....
I noticed something hunkered down, low in one of the corners.

It was one of the hens...Pearl... poor, poor, pitiful Pearl.
Apparently when we did the hen round-up, we missed her.

This poor gal was stuck all night in the house with two turkeys,
and all alone when the turkeys were let out.
I can only imagine how scared she was...all of her friends having been carried away
the night before.
Alone, scared.... my heart broke for this poor gal.
So, I scooped her up and we headed out on the gator to reunite her with her
long lost pals.

Upon our arrival to the new henhouse, she let out a holler
and squirmed to get free of my arms.
I opened the gate and Pearl happily ran to join her old friends.
I have never witnessed a happier reunion!

Hearing all the fuss, the turkeys stopped by for a visit.
I think they might have been a little confused as to why their house was taken over
by chickens.

Fly mask season is upon us.
The flies have been quite active, despite all of our fly traps.

Every morning, we get all dressed up in our fly masks...

And at some point during the day, this little fellow tries to remove as many
of his herd-mates masks as possible!

Nibble, nibble, nibble....followed by the sound of velcro being pulled apart.
Naughty Ollie!

"Silly horses,"  says Jill....who always cracks up when I tell her these stories.

Look how big Andy and Gracie have gotten!
Looks like we will be keeping these two youngsters
(our only surviving kids from this past Spring).

Oh goodness, I cannot leave you with a shot of three goat butts,
so, here are Andy and Gracie showing their better sides....

Lastly, I wanted to share a garden picture...
my most favorite garden, freshly weeded and bursting with color!

All of this color almost makes me forget that just a few short months ago,
my world was nothing but grays and browns.
Isn't Mother Nature amazing?

Oh my goodness, I see a weed!!!


  1. poor pearl. what a night she must have had hiding from those big monster turkeys! what happened to chicken roll call? i always see the weeds in my garden. i have to reset myself sometimes to remember to see the pretty stuff too. i turn into a weed seeker! your flower bed is gorgeous. it is amazing how quickly the gardens change!

  2. Oh, poor Pearl. You must have been a sight for her lonesome eyes. The garden is gorgeous and the gate looks so nice there. I can't wait until school is out so I can make mine.


  3. Your garden is lovely, the colors so vivid. I see the weed, at the very bottom. I have those too. Many many..lol..

    I haven't broken out the fly masks yet, they often end up out in the field. I don't know if they are a nuisance or a friend to my horses, they seem to like taking them off.

  4. My goodness, glad Pearl is reunited with her clan. That garden bed is stunning. What is the name of the purple ground cover, phlox?

  5. Oh poor Pearl! She must have really wondered what the heck?
    Love to visit you and the critters on the farm! I have a couple of Barred Rock pullets. They are so pretty!
    xo Kris

  6. I think your garden is beautiful. And poor poor Pearl! Now a few chicken questions. Do the chickens sleep in the little boxes? Is it one chicken per box? And do you notice if they choose the same box each night?

  7. Happy pearl again.

    I have a question how is it that you never get bitten by deer ticks?
    every year I do right now I am back on doxyciclin(?) for the 5th time. Decided I have to stop gardening, planted a perennial bed and using the green house for the veggies. No more tramping through grass.

    Annie v.

  8. You're too much..A weed !! Heaven forbid..Great post..guess I'll go backwards..
    I remember what your garden looked like when we put the bunny fence in it..Quite a transformation and a beautiful one..
    Love the fly mask/Ollie story..so well narrated..made me chuckle..
    Lastly..So happy that Pearl is back with her gal pals..I'm sure she's glad that she's not relegated to sleeping with the turkeys..
    Love your stories..good job..

  9. Go Pearl! Scared and lonely, but brave! I love chickens!


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