Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Peggy With A "P"

Those of you who have read my blog for a while
know that I have a penchant for naming "all" of our animals.
While I don't actually name all of our chickens - we have way too many -
I do name the noteworthy ones....
You know, the ones who are dear to my heart, or perhaps are showy,
or maybe the ones who act like divas...etc.

So, today I would like to introduce you to Peggy.

That's Peggy P.
I could have gone with Peggy Sue, or Peggy Lee, or another sweet
Peggy name.
But no, Peggy P. fits this one!

You see, ole Peggy, here, sits on her nest everyday waiting for my arrival.
It might be 2 or 3 or 4 PM til I get to collecting eggs,
but there she is....a-waitin'!

And each day as I reach my hand beneath her fluff to search for eggs,
she dives, beak first onto the skin on the back of my hand or wrist.

Now, a peck is no big deal.
But what Peggy dishes out is a prolonged pinching peck,
with a twist of the beak designed to rip said skin from one's skeleton.
She yanks and twists and 
those beady little eyes of hers stare a hole right through to your soul!

(I usually remember gloves....yesterday I forgot.)

Yep, that's Peggy.
Peggy Peckerhead to you!

And now you've been pecked too!!


  1. What a regular mean girl. Maybe she just doesn't like her name! Ha ha ha!

  2. maye you should have switched the title of yesterday's post to this one! peggy p does not like to share!

  3. Been there done that and OUCH is right! Mean 'ol Peggy...

  4. I have one of those named Swirly. She has pecked the heck out of me, even though I usually wear gloves. I call her a name that's worse than Peckerhead. Dang, they can do some serious skin damage!

  5. Guess she saw you had no gloves and took the opportunity. ACK. What a mean girl she is!!

  6. Peggy P..SO funny..Sorry about your hand ..Guess she wants to keep her eggs..Does she want to hatch them?

  7. ouch, ouch, ouch...

    Annie v.

  8. oooh, you are kinder than I!!...

  9. Peggy P fits perfectly then. I have never had a broody one yet. I hear that they will do that when sitting on eggs.
    xo Kris


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