Friday, June 14, 2013

Our Adventure.....A Sting Operation

Please forgive me for a brief digression from farm life.
I promised to share my Wednesday adventure with you.
And so....
Here it is, an evening off the farm.

The setting:  Pier 6, Baltimore Maryland

The players: me and my honey and a few friends

The adventure:

Yes, that's me with my new pal, Gordon Sumner.
aka: Sting
S. T. I. N. G!

(So very pleased to make your acquaintance!...I think I just peed my pants!)
(Oh we have so much to talk about....we both raise bees...
your's in your winery in Tuscany, mine on a farm in Pennsylvania.)
(Did I mention that I love wine?)
(I love your music.)
(I think I will name my next farm animal Roxanne.)
(How's your wife?)
(Oh yes, I am.... that's him behind the camera.)
(Did I mention that I can sing?)
(Do you need any help tonight?)
(Oh, pity.)
(Yes, I'd like a picture!)

What I actually said to the man:  "Hi!"

Seriously, I am not starstruck, but it was a blast to meet him before the concert.
The concert was great.
He's 61 now, and his voice is as good as ever!
Gotta love it!

PS:  Fields of Gold does make me a little swoony!
Thank you, thank you, thank you for indulging me in my silliness.
Will be back Monday with more Tails from the FARM!!


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, I am so envious! What a treat!
Fields of Gold is my favourite too.
I don't know how you managed to keep such a big secret! Hope you had a really lovely time.

Kathy from Tasmania

Stephane said...

Wow...he really is awesome, you are so lucky.

jaz@octoberfarm said...

oh get out??? a little outing??? how did you get to meet him??? my son will be SO impressed!!! what a lot of fun. you should have invited him to come and meet your bees.

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

OMG, this is so exciting. I have always been a fan of Sting, What a fun way to spend the evening.

Philadelphia Greyhound Connection said...

That's so awesome! Did you invite him to the wedding?

Kellie from Indiana said...

Did you turn into a pumpkin at midnite?

Anonymous said...

super cool!!! Terri from VA

Gone Country said...

What FUN! I probably would've only said Hi too no matter what I wanted to say or ask. I'm surprised you didn't at least bring up the bees! Ya know.... farming's just in your blood even if you are on a STING operation, lol!

Have a great weekend.

Beverly said...

You know how they say that there are six degrees of separation between you and anyone else in the world....You know...."friend of a friend of a friend....." Well, there are two degrees of separation between me and Sting!! So, thanks to a friend, i got to meet him.

Denise at Autumn Sky said...

Never mind about Sting, look how cute you are!

Vickie @ said...

Wow. I saw Sting in concert years ago and I am impressed that he still sounds so good! What a memory you just made! Have a great weekend! Vickie

Cindy said...

OMG! How did you get to do that? I am so envious!

Karen L. Bates said...

Wow, I can tell you had a blast! What a beautiful place on the water! It must have been fun to do a city setting!

Missy George said...

OMG..SO cool..Happy for you..What a thrill..You look like you wanted to pee your pants..What fun..

Jennie said...

That is soooo cool!!! I'm a little jealous, Mom!!

Lynne said...

Get the girl off the farm and look who she finds! What fun that must have been!

Katmom said...

hahaha! you did way better than I... I would have just mumbled.. lol!

Diane Cayton-Hakey said...

Lucky you! How nice of him to pose with you. Tuscany? Ooh la la.


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