Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Glorious Spring

That's me...
one happy farm gal...

with a colander full of spinach, asparagus and lettuce,
and a bouquet of radishes.

We have been treated to a string of the most perfect summer days you could ever imagine!

Temps are in the 70's with low humidity...
clear blue skies with an occasional puffy cloud.

We are all enjoying this time.

Gardening and mowing are a joy in this weather.

Remember how sad I was about my frozen strawberry blossoms?
Well, these miraculous little plants pushed out new blossoms,
and berries are starting to ripen.
Our harvest will be late this year, but I suspect it will be decent.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

With daily watering, the garden is bestowing a bountiful harvest upon us.
So fresh, so yummy, so good-for-you!

Even the rose bushes are happy...
with sweet little blossoms turning their delicate faces sun-ward.

The newly moved hens are all doing great...
and are always more than willing to line up for a photo shoot!

Although these black and white beauties look like Barred Rocks,
they are actually Cuckoo Marans... very sweet natured chocolate brown egg layers.

The turkeys took their move to the old henhouse by the barn in stride.
They continue to follow me around...
always my supervisors.

Now, if only this weather would last for the entire summer.
But then, we would be living in San Diego, and not here in Central Pa.
No, the weather is bound to get much hotter and much more humid.
So, I will enjoy these days while they last!

Hope you are enjoying this time of year as well... wherever you are!


Lynne said...

I am so far behind in my posting and commenting because I am taking advantage of the best spring days ever. I couldn't resist saying an early good morning to you though . . .

Loved your "farmer look" with a bowl full of fresh asparagus, lettuce and a handfull of radishes. Fruits of some planning and labor.

I think one more day of glorious weather and my major edging, weeding, splitting, replanting will be completed. All ready for me to start at the beginning again for more weeding.

Love, love LOVE this perfect weather!

jaz@octoberfarm said...

i just had a glorious start to my morning. i was down to the veggie garden before sunrise and watered everything thoroughly. i have blossoms on my cukes and zucchini and word is that rain is on the way. it is cool and wonderful. hardly a bug around! i agree, i could take weather like this all summer! you look so cute with your garden bounty...and not a snotcicle in sight!

daisy said...

It looks glorious there! So glad you are getting to enjoy some beautiful weather to harvest your bounty. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

Gone Country said...

Ya just gotta love days like that!

Love the Farmer Bev photo!

Isn't it a wonderful feeling and sense of accomplishment when you're seeing the gardens come to life and you're picking and having fresh vegetables for dinner?! Love it!

Enjoy! said...

Glad you can enjoy all you have shown.


Diane Cayton-Hakey said...

Oh WOW! No way did our radishes get that big! We just planted our second batch of them... there's always hope, right!! They were mild tasting and delicious though and our lettuce has done very well. We are having salads every night with dinner. Love this thing called gardening. :)

Junebug said...

A perfect morning, sun rising, coffee in hand, sliding door wide open, dogs at my feet and I'm reading my favorite blog!! It can't get any better except soon I will be out watering the garden and checking my bounties!!

Love the pic of your bounties!! Enjoy this beautiful day! Hugs!!

Denise at Autumn Sky said...

It just looks like perfection and so delightful for spending all your days outside.

Cindy said...

We are having a few sunny days after so many cloudy, rainy days. I love it! The gardens are great.

I love your "Farmer Bev" photo!

Missy George said...

Cute picture..You at your best???
Yes, I too am enjoying these days..Mollie gets longer walks now that it's fun just to be out of doors..Rain tomorrow but we need it..
Happy gardening..Hugs

Country Gal said...

Good to see and hear all is well on the farm . Lovely photos ! Sometimes frost can be good as it gives deep moister to plants , I am glad the frost didn't kill your strawberry plant ! The weather here has been pretty much the same as you described there perfect for doing out door chores and gardening ! Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

Kris said...

I love the shot of you with your garden bounty!!! And the chickens....the black and white...look just like my barred rocks! I had a cuckoo but lost her as a chick. I can't seem to find another! I want a cuckoo and a Buff Orpington.
The weather looks and sounds wonderful!!
xo Kris

Diane C said...

I just love your blog. It always makes me smile! Keep up the good work!

Evelyn said...

Hi Bev, Just catching up on older posts, what sort of snakes are they and are they poisonous?

Karen L. Bates said...

I just love that picture of you...the true country girl! :)
Your bounty is on the way.

We just got some of that lovely divine weather you are having. It is truly my favorite and I am feeling so blessed...and happy even. Who would have thought.

As I worked in the yard, clothes hanging on the line, chickens pecking away for treats, I stopped to count my much I love the simple life. Thanks, for helping me find the way.

Susannah said... look so cute with your radishes and your hat!!!! I saw the pic of the zinnia and I am patiently waiting for ours to bloom here. We started them from seed, a few months ago, just for fun. We gave so many beautiful zinnia plants away. It was fun.



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