Thursday, June 6, 2013

Donkeys By Daylight......

At the end of the day,
when the work is done,
and the sun is sinking low on the horizon...

The fly masks come off,
and it's time for fun and frivolity.

With no regard for the "hat hair" that results from the fly masks,
we donne our tiaras...

and our tutus...

and enter the world of make-believe.

Princesses, we two...
 half-sisters of royal descent...
were placed under a spell by the wicked queen before our birth.

Waiting, waiting, waiting for our handsome prince to come along
and break the spell that keeps us hidden away beneath the fur
of two lowly donkeys.

"Okay,"  says Chloe, "you've had the tutu long enough.  It's my turn now."
And with that she snatches it from Daphne.

"Not tho tathty," she says as she takes a bite.

(Let me help you, Chloe.)
(There, that's better.)

Wearing the tutu is more befitting a princess than eating it!

Dusk has settled in,
and playtime is over.
It's time to tuck these two princesses into their beds for the night.
What do you suppose they will dream about?
Perhaps their princes?

Sweet dreams dear donkeys.


  1. you have way too much fun on that farm!!!

  2. What a way to end the day!!! If this post doesn't put a smile on your face nothing will..Sure made my coffee much tastier. You have the cutest princesses ever!!!

  3. Ha ha ha ha......I love when you set a scene to tell a tale and then accessorize the farm beauties. I bet pink is their favorite color.

  4. Oh my what hams those two are they will do anything for attention wont they lol ! Cute photos ! Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

  5. Oh dear, how cute are those girls when they're playing princess?

  6. I'm surprised they are so willing to play dress up and explore the land of make believe!! Sweet characters for sure! Hugs!!

  7. They are such good sports letting you play dress up with them. I wish I could have rescued a couple several years ago but it didn't work out for me. There are so many that need homes!

  8. Thanks for the laugh..Very cute...You must have been very, very tired when you wrote that..Loved it!!

  9. Now I know that you would fit in just perfect with our glamping group!! Ha! You are learning fast to create your own fun right where you live (including the fairy gardens)...I love it.

    Huge hugs from me to you...glad your girls are getting to dance and play with their Mama! I really miss you.

  10. They are looking so beautiful!

  11. Tiaras & Tutus... the perfect outfit... Luv it!


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