Monday, June 3, 2013

Chicken Movers

Yesterday was a big day for Rod Stewart and his hens.
This group of chickens has called the chicken house and yard by the barn home
for the past 4 years.
Yesterday was moving day.

We decided that in preparation for housing our new young hens
we would need a little more sheltered roosting room.

Rather than build a new henhouse,
we decided to turn the large turkey house into a henhouse.

Hubbs moved all of the nesting boxes and built new perches
inside the turkey house.
We covered the larger wire of the turkey yard with chicken wire.

Then last evening, at dusk, as the hens were going inside to roost for the night,
we caught them, one by one, and transported them
in the gator to their new larger house.

This house will accommodate Rod and his gals, along with
Elton and Number 6.

Another benefit of this house is its screen door...which allows for better ventilation
on hot summer nights.

After a week of being sequestered in their own enclosed
(and might I add lush and green) yard,

they will be allowed to roam free during the day with the rest of the hens.

The old turkey house (new hen house) is the shed on the right side of the picture...
the other two henhouses and their yard are on the left side of the picture.

Now, all of the hens will be located in houses close to the goats...
far away from flower beds and mulched gardens
(that chickens like to systematically destroy!)

When the youngsters are ready to move,
they will be split between the two present hen populations.

Our 6 (+) new roosters will most likely move into the barn,
or possibly the frat house.
Waldorf and Stetson might enjoy living in the barn instead.
I haven't quite decided how this is going to work out.

The turkeys will now live in the smaller henhouse by the barn.
This is probably the best place for them as they enjoy our company,
and we spend a great deal of time around the barn.

We had a bit of hot weather over the weekend.
This is how the pigs stay cool.
They have their choice of a swimming pool or a mud hole.

And Bobby...

Everyone gets a little lazy when the weather gets hot!!


  1. Love all the space you have. It's heatin' up all over!

  2. Nice to get the move in before the intense summer heat. I am sure they all love there new home. To bad they could not help in the
    Weather is up and down so it is hard to plan much this time of year.
    Enjoy the day. Another week of mystery adventures on your farm!

  3. did they all handle the move well? i love the pic of bobby. he is one very relaxed cat!

  4. Excellent decision on the housing arrangements!

    Yea, I've been know to get a little lazy myself on hot days. Actually, I think I spend more energy just trying to find ways to stay cool... wears me out, ha!

  5. Good place for the chickens..Where the turkeys OK giving up their home?
    I'm sure that you sat them down and explained it all to them...Glad it's a little cooler for now.

  6. I bet they will love their new home and lush greens!

  7. Bigger hen house, more greens! They will love it! :)
    Lovely post!

  8. Wow, your farm looks more like a country resort for animals!! Thanks for visiting Sall's Country Life. I'll be back to see more of your lush and lovely life!

  9. Yikes, you have a lot going on with chickens! How did you ever figure it all out!!!

    Love the photo of Bobby! Too cute!

  10. Are those Barred Rocks? I love them,and had a few in the past. Now listen here Beverly, Don't you dare send me any roosters! I always have too many and they always fight! How do you keep yours from killing each other? Mine just get vicious.


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