Wednesday, June 26, 2013

An Afternoon At the Pool

We are having a hot and humid week,
with a threat of thunder showers daily.

Yesterday afternoon the thermometer was in the 90's.
When the weather is this warm, the pigs get a little uncomfortable,
so they head for the coolest place they know...
the pool!

MaryAnn prefers the "clean" water of the pool,
while Ginger always picks the mud puddle beside it.
(Every morning I clean out their pool and dump it into the mud puddle,
so that they both have fresh bathing water each day.

MaryAnn gets in the pool and starts rocking,
creating waves.
Although I did not catch her "surfing" in this video,
you can definitely see how she loves her pool.

Within 5 minutes of this video,
the sky turned dark....

thunder rumbled and the heavens opened up.
We got a great rain shower that lasted a half hour.
The dry earth lapped up each drop...
sending it to the thirsty roots of our grasses, trees, and flowers.
(And luckily, the hay bales were removed from the hayfield just before the rain began!)

Yesterday, Terri C. asked about Leo.
Realizing that I had not published a photo of him in a while,
I headed to the hayloft (his favorite hangout) for a photo shoot.

And now you can see why I rarely get a picture of him.

Fluffy little Leo refuses to hold still for even a moment...
making all of the pictures quite blurry.

For some unknown reason, Leo prefers to lounge in the second floor of the barn.
He always heads down the ladder at mealtime, however...
which would explain his chubby belly!


daisy said...

What a blessing of rain! That cute lil' kitten is living a good life!

jaz@octoberfarm said...

marianne looks happier than a pig in a puddle! we finally got rain too!!! almost 2 inches with more to come! happy happy me!

Kellie from Indiana said...

Storms are beating down my gardens daily. Drought or flood, wish there was a happy medium.

Anonymous said...

Oh thank you for putting Leo on! I have a soft spot for him! Terri C.

Lynne said...

Cute post . . . enjoyed the pool video!

Karen L. Bates said...

Love your life on the farm!

missy said...

Wish we had gotten that rain..We had a few drops..Maybe today..MaryAnn, Ginger and I have a different view of clean water but we all enjoy the pool. Enjoy your day..Hugs

Diane Cayton-Hakey said...

With all this hot weather, my bath water looks a bit like that some days as well... Love the afternoon thundershowers that cool things off for us. Should have one every day this week if the forecaster is telling us the truth. xox


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