Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Thanks all for the rhubarb advice.
That nasty blossom is history!!

The mini greenhouses that Hubbs and I constructed in the garden have done their job.
Fickle Mother Nature has cast her last icy stare across my garden.
From here on out it's to be seasonable...much warmer at night.

I can scarcely believe that yesterday I had to wear a winter jacket all day long,
as I turned manure piles...
Wouldn't you love some of this rich brown compost for your garden?
mowed pastures...

and weeded flower gardens.

The rock garden that I built last summer is a blanket of violas right now.

These happy-faced little flowers are my new favorite, as they re-seed and
mass-volunteer with each new year.

Of course, as I have shown you countless times, no task is ever done in a solitary manner.
I am always surrounded by friends.

Moll Flanders, our last barn kitty addition, has finally put down some roots.
Over the winter she would come and go....
usually returning with nasty wounds.

It seems she has finally decided to call the barn home,
and frequently accompanies me during gardening chores.

She is the bravest little kitty ever...

undaunted by turkeys,

or dogs.

This week, our picnic pavilion is getting a coating of weather sealing stain,
(the post on the right has been sealed with a walnut brown stain.)
making the pavilion blend in better with the surrounding woods.

Oh how I love cooking this time of year...
every night's dinner made with something fresh from the garden.

Last night's dinner included kale and these radishes...

Kale is one of those super good-for-you foods that you can chop up and put in just about anything.
Well, maybe not in cupcakes....but just about anything else!


  1. Not sure how you accomplish all you do . . . Bee Haven looks beautiful . . .

  2. Is that just barn cleaning in your compost pile or do you add other ingredients? How often do you turn it?

  3. Okay you've done it. I have resisted kale for many years now, thinking it is always bitter. I'm going to be brave and give it a try again. No, not planting any but will try buying some.

    Love all your help with chores!!Hugs!

  4. Love your post! Makes everything on the farm seem fun! Lovely fields, flowers and critters! Have a blessed day!

  5. i did not plant radishes this year and no i regret it since i see yours! i thought my first comment was lost yesterday and now i see that i left 2! sorry! cold here this morning but the big warmup starts tomorrow.

  6. What an adorable photo of Miss Moll lying right next to the dog! So sweet!

    I think every living being enjoys Spring; such a beautiful time of year.

    Those radishes are gorgeous... what a nice crop!

  7. Our compost pile is manure, wood shavings, hay, grass clippings, fruit and veggie stuff and coffee grinds and kitchen scraps from a local organic restaurant. We turn at least once a week.

  8. I've been making Kale juices... carrot juice, kale, apple, lemon juice and some celery all juiced up, it's great!

    Our pastures need mowing too, the ticks are out in full force. Ugh. This cold weather doesn't seem to stop them.

  9. WOW... radishes already? Ours are barely even up.

  10. We got lots of rain yesterday, which we sorely needed. Hope it doesn't get as cold here. Love all your garden helpers.

  11. Wonderful photos ! Everything looks good ! Glad kitty has found her place there ! Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

  12. Kale cupcakes !! A new challenge..not for me. It's nice that Moll Flanders has finally learned to appreciate the finer things in life..Your compost looks wonderful..

  13. i just checked the radar and it looks like you are getting the rain i need! blow it back my way!!!

  14. You are right about kale--it goes in everything! I just made a pizza tonight with kale, cotto salami, and two kinds of cheese. Yum! Plus, it is one of the first things ready in even the slowest-to-arrive spring. :-) Lovely kitty you have there, by the way.

  15. I LOVE kale and eat every chance I get. I'm glad the cat has settled in. She must feel safe and loved.

  16. How I wish I had your energy.. Bee Haven looks absolutely beautiful and the animals all look so content.. What a little slice of heaven you have.


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