Thursday, May 2, 2013

Of Course There is a Part Two!

There are certain days in ones life that are truly perfection....
those crystal clear, blue-skied, I-don't-ever-want-it-to-end kind of days.

You know the ones...
that you squeeze every last ounce of life from as the sun slips behind the horizon.

I don't like going out on a limb,
but yesterday was one of the top 10 days of my life.

And that is pretty spectacular, because I have had more than my share of great days!

Tyler and I had a list of chores to do that included fixing the outer door to the 
chicken yard... the yard that is attached to our brooder house.

You see, our chicklets are big enough to go outside to play now,
so we had to make sure that their yard was secure.
We added a tarp to the roof of the yard for shade,
opened the door,
and waited.

And waited, and waited and waited.
Yep...that's all the further those wacky little hens decided to go.
And on the most spectacular day of the year, so far...
they just stood in the doorway and stared out into the yard.

We spent quite a bit of time working in the garden.

We planted Swiss Chard,

and watered the young plants.

Tyler is the best helper and amazingly his attention span is quite long.

Best of all.... he works for free!!

When the work was complete, we picnicked in the new pavilion...

and played in the grass....

running down the hill, collapsing, and feeling the warm grass on our skin.
If this were to be my last day on earth, I can honestly say that I spent it the best I could.
Life doesn't get any better than this.

For those of you who were interested in my bucket/ladder project...
here it is...
(with time, the sweet potato vines will cascade down the sides)

I'm lovin' it!

And the new flower box outside the greenhouse...

will get a coat of paint today.
It is supposed to be another perfect day.
Pinch me!


  1. Sniff...I remember the special times I had with our granddaughters at that age. It forms the future special relationship in such a special way. They always talk about those visits. I wish in some ways time could have stood still. Tyler is having that same special time and it is so wonderful to see. Oh what a handsome lad he is..growing so fast!!
    Isn't this weather INCREDIBLE..I love it.
    Enjoy..Judi B.

  2. And here we are with snow and cold temps, can't complain that much as we really really need the moisture. Having to keep the little chicks inside still. The pasture is so ugly brown/gray right now. Looks like you are having so much fine with Tyler.

  3. I like hearing about perfectly simple sunshine days . . . Brings the memories back in a rush . . . wonderful little helper you have . . .

  4. The look of concentration on Tyler's face as he waters the young plants.... priceless!

    The ladder project looks awesome, very pretty!

    Enjoy another beautiful day! (It's extremely windy here so I'll be staying indoors. Maybe I'll do some sewing!)

  5. Tyler's earnest little face while he's "working" is just precious. Love all of your new flowers. These are the BEST days for sure!

  6. Reading your post and seeing your grandson have such a good time at the farm brings back such wonderful memories for me. One set of my grandparents lived on a cattle farm and I so loved going out and playing in the country where they lived. I picked up pecans, played with the barn kitties, caught fireflies and we made hand cranked ice cream. I miss my grandparents but am so thankful for those memories with them. Just perfect. You made my day!

  7. what a perfect day! we are having a string of sunny days but we sure need rain. i can't believe i am watering so much so soon. tell that little helper that i could use him too!

  8. You sure have brighten my morning with this post. I found myself smiling bigger and bigger as I kept reading. Indeed a perfect day!! Hugs!

  9. I loved this post. Such beautiful photos and your writing just puts us all there with you!

  10. Love the flowers...Glad you and Tyler are enjoying each other..I think those hens must know that it's a big, scarey world out there...

  11. "If this were to be my last day on earth, I can honestly say that I spent it the best I could"
    That says it all!!! I love those kind of days and for me they are the ones usually spent with my grandchildren.

  12. I felt that same way yesterday!!! It was the epitome of a perfect spring day!!

  13. It's obvious that he takes his chores very seriously! What a precious face he has. I'm so happy for both of you - to enjoy each other and such a glorious day!

  14. It looks like you have a great little helper now! So serious at his tasks LOL What a beautiful day you had.

  15. DeLovely. Especially your planter ladder. Hopped over from Vanessa's blog and ever so happy I did. Quite pleased to meet you!

    **happy smiles** Deborah

  16. Your grandson looks like quite the helper and on busy spring days we can use a little help here and there. I love the ladder planter...well, I just loved everything you showed us. glad your day was in the top 10.


  17. It does sounds perfect. Tyler is a wonderful helper.


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