Friday, May 17, 2013

Haircut, Anyone?

With the planting finished,
I finally had time to tackle a few more items on my Spring chore list.

Yesterday was "haircut" day.
With the arrival of warmer weather,
clipping the Littles and the donkeys is imperative.

These four equines seem to hold on to their wooly winter attire much too long.
So, for everybody's comfort...
I got the clippers buzzing yesterday and gave all four of them a makeover.

Chloe held still like a perfect little girl.
We took a break for sniffing the fur on the ground.

Almost finished....

Next came Daphne.
If you read my blog a year ago, you might remember that Daphne was not as cooperative as
Chloe was when it came to clipping. 
 In fact, we ended up with Daphne having quite a bit of belly fur left in the end.

This time she was very well behaved.

The funny thing is, these two seemed to enjoy all the fussing over them.
Chloe acted disappointed when she was finished, 
and kept nudging me while I shaved Daphne.

The Littles are a different story.
They behave well, but only tolerate the fussing over them.
Typical boys!

Red, with his new do....

Ollie... before....

Ollie... after....

He's actually looking quite svelte!

Four well behaved equines all got extra treats when they were finished.
Now we are officially ready for warmer weather.

PS.... I give just one type of haircut....short on the sides, and a little longer on top.
The horses, dogs and Hubbs all get the same haircut!
Surprisingly, they are all quite well behaved!


  1. Do they call that haircut high and tight? What ever the name they all are looking good and cool.

  2. Patsy from IllinoisMay 17, 2013 at 7:22 AM

    I love reading your blog and I don't tell you enough. Ollie has the biggest eyes! You have a wonderful farm.

  3. That looks like it could take some time to shave your "family!". I like your header of "tails.". I think it has been there for a bit, today I noticed!
    Happy weekend . . .

  4. Lots of shaving happening there ! We never shaved our horses as they can get a sun burn so we left their coats as is and by June they lost the fuzziness of winter coats and the summer coats developed ! We have to shave our Miggs again as in a month her fur gets shaggy and long so fast ! Lovely photos . Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

  5. I have never clipped the donkeys and didn't realize that anyone did. How nice that your girls were good for you.

  6. Short on the sides, a little longer on the top. It's a look that suits them all!

  7. I'm sure they are all enjoying their fresh haircuts!! Maybe puts an extra kick in their step.

    I'm sure you are glad the planting is done for the second time. Telling Mother Nature to behave NOW!!! Hugs!!

  8. can i drop teddy off? i recently bought silent clippers but as of yet i am afraid to try to use them. if teddy doesn't like them i will lose any chance i have of grooming her at all. fussy fussy chow!

  9. I gotta tell ya, the Littles are adorable but that Chloe and Daphne? Oh they are SO SO SO cute! I am inlove with those faces!...
    On another note, have you been getting hit with a lot of spam on your blog lately? I put up a post on mine this morning about it. Im getting killed with it lately.. not sure whats going on or why..

  10. Hmmm, I think it is time for me to invest in 'clippers' as well as Ritz type crackers! lol!
    Happy Spring!

  11. Better sharpen up those clippers..The next time I see you, I'm going to need a haircut..Do you leave their fronts long so they can shake off the flies??

  12. Last week was sheep shearing time, my electric shears broke, I tried the hand shears we had just purchased, they were lousy. I ended up using our kitchen shears. Sheared 3 sheep and gave a donkey haircut. They worked great!


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