Thursday, May 30, 2013

A Smidge of This And That

Today's post has no story line...
it's just a smidgen and a smattering of little things from around the farm...
things that I come across and save to share with you.

It seems to be reptile season here.
There isn't a day that I don't see at least one of these...

or (eeeeek) these....

Garden work has quickly become an early morning, or late evening activity
as temperatures have skyrocketed into the 90's during the afternoon.

Pulling weeds, watering...
are all done with the same crew.

The turkeys...

The cats... TomTom and Moll Flanders vying for attention...
commonly ends something like this...

Don't mess with Moll!

Look closely at TomTom's face....I detect a bit of a pout!

And across from the garden...
casual observers...always looking for some action...

The fairy garden is in need of some pruning.

It will soon become a fairy jungle unless I do a little bonsai work on it!

I swear these fairies are garden fairies.
Every morning when making my garden rounds,
I find more and more vegetables popping out from the foliage...

as if some little fairy helper sprinkled a generous helping of fairy dust on them during the night.
Aren't gardens magical?

I am constantly in a state of awe at how all of this grows from a single seed.

Did you know???
You can eat the chive blossom.

It looks pretty pulled apart and sprinkled on the top of a salad...
and tastes.... well....chivey!

And last but never least...
 because I think this just might be the sweetest thing on the farm....

Who can resist this adorable little schnoz?

[whispering] I've kissed this adorable nose once or twice.
Yes I have.


  1. how could you not kiss that cute schnozzola? there is a rumor that snakes are lurking in my gardens too. so far, i have not spied them! i have been working in the gardens before sunrise! no working out there in this heat.

  2. I, like you, am amazed at the power of a single seed.
    We are also having days of 90 degree temps. Keeps me inside, where I don't want to be!
    Enjoy your lovely surroundings.

  3. That's love for you. When you can kiss a pig's nose you are smitten, but I also think the girls are very sweet and loving. We kiss our dog all the time. The garden is looking lush.

  4. I liked seeing your "This and That" collection . . . although I like to see, . . . don't know if I could kiss the nose of that little piggy!

  5. Snakes !!! Not for me..Turtles, I can outrun, I think. Yes, things are lush and green everywhere right now..I'm going to have to have a little talk with Miss Moll...she can't be treating sweet Tom Tom like that..He was there first..Stay cool..

  6. Those last two shots put a huge smile on my face! (And I'd probably kiss that shnoz myself a time or two!)

    Your gardens are looking fantastic! Those garden fairies are doing a great job.

  7. I don't doubt it...I bet I would too...after we got to be real close friends. Heeheehee

  8. I think I will leave the smooching to you!!! Even though it is a pretty cute nose! I've got my fingers crossed for sunshine this weekend. So tired of the rain! So here's to working in the garden! Hugs

  9. Turtles and snakes are so cool! I'm a little jealous! We only have frogs. Which are wonderful in their own right, don't get me wrong, but still - just frogs :-)

    I would kiss that nose, too. The world needs more kisses.


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