Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Many Faces of MaryAnn

Sometimes it almost seems like my animals understand the purpose of the camera.
Perhaps that's because I am never without it.
They are all quite used to the sound of the shutter.

 As I sat there on the ground with my camera poised...
MaryAnn and I had quite an animated discussion...

Me:  "MaryAnn, you need to brush your teeth."

MaryAnn: "But, I don't own a toothbrush."

Me:  "You can borrow Daddy's!"

MaryAnn: "Hahahahaha! that's funny."

MaryAnn:  "What flavor toothpaste... grass?"
Me:  "Peppermint....I don't think they have grass flavored toothpaste."

MaryAnn:  "No thanks, Mom.  I'll pass on the toothbrushing."

Me:  "I'm sure your Daddy's relieved to hear that!"


After 6 long, cold months, I am so happy to tell you that our bees survived the winter.
They are outside happily buzzing around.
We are feeding them sugar water for now, but as soon as the trees start to blossom,
they will be out gathering nectar and making precious honey once again.

Yesterday I was able to prime and paint the fairy garden box.

I started laying out a couple of areas....much more planting is needed.
I thought you might like a little sneak peek....

There is so much more to be done as the weather gets warmer.

I love letting my imagination drift into the tiny world of fairies, gnomes and elves...
How about you?
Do you still have the imagination of a child?
It's something we should try to never lose!


  1. Working with elementary age school children, my imagination is in top notch condition. They are just starting to do poetry now and can use their vivid imaginations for each poem. The fairy garden is lovely. I had to laugh about the conversation with Maryann especially when she appeared to be laughing.

  2. Mary Ann makes for a mighty fine "good morning" face!

    I keep the child in me by reading children's books and playing with puzzles. I also like the somewhat newer people puzzles that are made out of a hard surface, painted in beautiful colors, boys and girls, you can dress, various activities. A trip to a book store also always takes me to the children's corner.

  3. You & MaryAnn crack me up! And her grin/smile is adorable!

    Since Spring is coming to everyone a little late this year I have a feeling that a lot of people will be scrambling in the next few weeks/months to get everything done & planted before the summer months.

    Unfortunately, I won't be one of them this year but I'll enjoy watching the projects and progress of others. I guess you could say I will be living vicariously through other bloggers, lol!

  4. Oh Mary Ann, what a great sense of humor. I love your little fairy garden and look forward to watching it develop.

  5. maryann is too precious! i want bees so bad but i am allergic to stings. do you ever get stung? i love your fairy garden! did you see what i did last year with mine? i painted the stepping stones with glo-in-the-dark paint so you could see them at night. you can even paint the windows with it so it looks like the fairies have their lights on at night!

  6. How cute! My neighbors did something similar with the base of an interesting tree...making a door with a little mailbox and a path leading away. It does tend to send my imagination wandering.

  7. Spring is a beautiful time of year. Everything comes alive.

    I think I have fallen in love with MaryAnn.


  8. I think the fairy garden box has come out beautifully! Love the pictures of Mary Ann!

  9. I love your new fairy garden already! It reminds me of when I was little and we would use the roots of trees as homes for our tiny dolls.

    Did you make the house or buy it? It's lovely.

  10. MaryAnn is quite the little ham! (Pun intended) I have a goat that always gives me a cheesy grin when she sees the camera. :-) I love your little garden. Can't wait to see it finished.

  11. The little fairy house, did you buy that? Fairy stuff is quite expensive! Mary Ann's teeth are funny to look at...laugh out loud funny.

  12. Silly Mary Anne. I like your husband watching from the background. Gosh, don't our husbands put up with a lot of our crazy? Haha I too have a fairy garden though it's been a bit neglected. I have to get out to the garden and spruce it up.

  13. We have been reading on keeping bees. Considering doing it. How hard is it to get started, and do you have any good sources to read on it?
    XO Kris

  14. Looking forward to seeing more of the fairy garden. That little house is adorable and the mushrooms fit right in where you have the old stump with the moss on it! By any chance...did you make that little house?


  15. Yes! :). Imagination is one of the best travel destinations in the Universe. Maryann is awesome, and very talkative. I wish i could hug her!

  16. I practically want to squeal with happiness at the fairy garden! I can't wait to see the big reveal! Such talent and creativity you have, Bev! Hugs, Meghan

  17. I did buy the fairy house. I found it on an internet site that carries a lot of fairy garden paraphernalia. I think it was called "Miniature Green Thumbs". But there are houses all over out there in cyberspace....and lots of other great miniature goodies, too. I have so very much planned for my garden...can't wait for a little warmer weather and then all of the tiny plants can go into it.

  18. Oh MaryAnn your a hoot ! Cute post and photos ! I am happy to hear your buzzy bees survived the winter . Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

  19. You and Mary Ann have quite the dialog going..The pictures are priceless..So funny..
    Your fairy garden has begun to take shape and I'm sure it will be awesome..The stump looks great already..


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