Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Big Reveal

We seem to be in a patch of grey, drizzly days.
The skies were ominous most of yesterday, but the rain held off until night,
giving me a chance to get some outside work done.

After morning chores, and a trip to my local greenhouse,
I planted Violas in every color on top of Sadie's grave.
I did the ironing, bathed Ollie (one of the Littles), clipped Maddie (our Newfie),
and trimmed Ginger's piggy hooves.

I finished the fairy garden...

The plants are tiny and will grow.
But in order to keep things under control, 
I will have to do lots of pruning as the summer progresses.

This year it's more of a fairy village...

with several dwellings, and a stream.

I tried my hand at fashioning a fairy house from a gourd that I had grown 2 years ago...
complete with a roof shingled with pinecone pieces.

A tiny brick walkway laid in a bed of sand leads under an arbor to a bridge that crosses the stream.
Two more dwellings share a wooden walkway.

And in the midst of all that, Miss Minerva May Honeycut returned from her
visit to the spa.

New clothes (old clothes repurposed with Rit Dye),
 and a new sun bonnet have her looking quite cheerful
and ready for another season of tending garden.

While at the spa, she must have had a spray tan that went a little wrong,
because it seems they only sprayed her forehead and the top of her nose!

No worries, though, a summer in the sun will take care of that.

And before I forget....
a few of you had asked what product we were using to treat our garden boxes.
It is a water sealant called "Soy Seal".
Unfortunately, I cannot give you a testimonial for this product...only time will tell!


  1. All looks wonderful ! Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

  2. The fairy garden (aka village) is so clever and you did such a great job. I'm excited to see all of your efforts there and your garden come into full bloom this summer. Love the forsythia in front of the log building at your entrance. Just lovely...


  3. I have been dreaming of designing a fairy garden for a few years now....thinking I just might now! Love it! ~Kim

  4. Love the Forsysthia in bloom, wonderful thought of violas on Sadie's grave . . ., creative fairy garden and a priceless MMM Honeycut makes for a pretty fine Haven visit . . .

  5. The Fairy Garden looks amazing! So creative and cute!

    Minerva also looks amazing after her trip to the spa.

    Glad you were able to get some things done and I'm glad you're getting some rain. What a good start for the gardens.

  6. Oh, I really like MInerva's look this year. She is so bright and cheery in those colors. Tan or no tan, she's va va va voom!

  7. You are always so amazing!! Please share your energy!!

  8. Miss Minerva, you are ready for the runway! Your are styling this year!!Viola are perfect for our sweet Sadie!

    Your new fairy garden is adorable. I would have to fence mine off for there are too many stay cats in our neighborhood. Get the picture. I could scatter Cayenne Pepper in there though. It helps in my flower beds so I own stock in it. Darn Kitties!!!

    Enjoy another wonderful DAY!!Hugs!

  9. Your fairy village is wonderful. You are so creative with your design and ability to make things. Welcome Spring to your lovely farm.

  10. I just love your little fairy garden. Minerva is looking quite happy to be back on duty!

  11. that is sooo cute. how did your grandson like it? we had the same weather yesterday and last night we had huge storms.

  12. Your fairy garden is amazing! I love the house you made, it turned out great.
    Now, if only the weather would clear up. I have so much to do outside, but it keeps raining:(

  13. Miss Minerva looking so good!!!
    xo Kris

  14. And I am here at a desk my life through your pictures...pretending I was living in that little fairy village! That is so sweet. I love the lace curtains in the gourd! Miss Minerva is looking mighty fine...the color orange is a hot trend for indoor and outdoor living. The violas over Sadie...touches my heart. My aunt planted forget me nots for her beloved dog. Everything looks lovely Beverly!!!! Thank you for sharing.

  15. Everything looks amazing! That fairy garden is the living end how adorable!..You do beautil work....

  16. Minerva looks fab after her trip to the spa! Tell her that next time, not to bother with spray tans! Every time I've done it, I too, get all streaky! HA! The fairy garden is soooo special! Love it! Have a great day, Bev! Hugs, Meghan

  17. I'm moving in! I'm living in the fairy village! It is perfect. You did a marvelous job!

    We have daffodils and violas planted on our two pets graves and a white small cross my husband made. I can see it from the house and it is wonderful to look at and remember.

    Minerva is lovely!


  18. I just love your is just fascinating many little touches to get your interest to look further.Will be fun to see the changes and the summer changes everything.
    Not sure where to start in clipping and washing and raking ect. What a clean up this year. The good news is the ice if of our lake..Now for more rain an wam weather.
    Keep well..Judi

  19. very chic Miss Minerva May, orange is all the rage... Your fairy garden is coming along nicely, I did miniatures for 20 years, and have some things i would like to send you. Cannot do anything anymore due to health problems but it was a real passion.

    Let me know if you would like a few things as I am giving them away. I think you have my e mail address.

    Annie v.

  20. WOW ! MIss Honeycut looks GREAT ! Your garden is large enough...... maybe you will could make a gentleman and install him....then Miss Honeycut could have a (boy) friend ! Thank you for sharing your gardens and farm with us. Todd

  21. made me cry AGAIN !!..So sweet (The violas)Perfect for our girl..
    Love , Love Love your fairy garden..Lots of detail..The gourd looks great..I would like to do just a stump similar to yours...
    Or a broken pot like we saw... We'll see..Can I have the address of Miss Minerva's Spa?? They did I great job..I sure could use a makeover..:(
    Glad the sun finally came out today..

  22. The fairy garden is so beautiful. I love all the detail. And Minerva is stylin! You are a multi-talented lady! Thanks for sharing.

  23. Ms. M is looking divine! Love her new bright duds.

    The fairy village is amazing. I love all the details and those little homes...just too cute!


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