Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Adventures of Tyler...Part 1

I am just about as happy as a gal can be!
My best little buddy arrived yesterday for an overnight stay at
Grammies (pronounced Geemie) and Muppy's farm.

So many of you have watched this little man grow up...
having arrived at the farm right after his birth, and living here for his first year and a half.

Having his Mommy and him leave was hard to get used to,
but now each day we spend together is even more cherished 
and an opportunity to make memories that will last a lifetime.

Each time Tyler visits we take the gator 

and go out to visit all of his "friends".

"See piggies!" he exclaims as we drive toward the pigpen.

The pigs come running out to see their little friend...

sniffing him...

as he giggles with delight.

A little playtime in the garden...

playing "house" in the playhouse.

Tyler is "going to work" while Oakley and I stay home and await his return.

A pretend tea party will celebrate his arrival.

Climbing a tree...with no help...

and he's pretty proud of himself.

Who needs toys when you have trees and haylofts to climb,
and animals for friends!

I love sharing this farm with little ones...
watching their eyes light up in wonder....

There are so many adventures for us to share...
and today will be spent doing just that!

I'll warn you now...
tomorrow's blog post just might include more adventures with Grammie and Tyler!
It is, after all May Day...and we two are ready to soak in the Spring!!
Happy May 1st, friends!!!


  1. Oh...such joy having the grand kids around the farm. We look so forward to them coming. They are both 14 it is even more fun....really.


  2. OMG the pig photos are so funny! He's so brave to get close to the big piggy!


  3. What a treat for the both of you. Have fun!

  4. Creating beautiful memories for a lifetime! Tyler is so blessed to have such a fun Grammie and Muppy!

  5. what a wonderful experience he has each time he visits. what could possibly be better? can you imagine what goes through his mind when he looks at your fairy garden!

  6. You are certainly lucky to have your grandson nearby to spend time with you. Our three grandkids (5, 1 and almost 2) are at least a 3 hour airplane ride away. Without Skype, I'm not sure I could stand not seeing them grow up. Enjoy your time with little Tyler and we'll enjoy the pictures!

  7. Simply put - it doesn't get much better then that - Grand kids!!!

  8. Patsy from IllinoisMay 1, 2013 at 8:47 AM

    I don't comment very often but I have to say how big Tyler is getting. What a sweetheart. Question. What kind of wood did you build your raised beds out of? Did you coat them with anything?

  9. Patsy...raised beds that are for flowers we built from pressure treated lumber. For vegetables we used plain Cedar (a little expensive...not worth the price), but it has not held up, so we are now using regular plain pine and treating it with a Soy based weather sealer called "Soy Seal". Unfortunately, I cannot give you a testimony for this product...until a few years has passed and I see how it works!

  10. I can see you will and are having a wonderful day with Tyler at the much more fun and educational than all the electronics in the world! All kids seem to know these days is how to play a game on line.

    You are a special grammie!

  11. Oh my goodness...he is such a cutie pie!!!
    : ) Kris

  12. Your home is the delight and dream of every girl and boy! A farm with lots of animals that you can name and not eat!! HE is very blessed with spending time with you!!

  13. He is adorable! What a wonderful collection of memories he is gathering. Lucky you. Lucky him. Have lots of fun!

  14. Wonderful memories for both of you..He is so lucky to have BHA and the Bee Haven Maven as well..He's a very lucky little boy..

  15. What gorgeous photos.. Tyler is simply beautiful and SO lucky to be able to go to your farm and grow up with nature... These memories will stay with him for his whole life.. I wish more children could share in something like this. I think thats whats so missing in our society..

    Cant wait for your next post. Looking forward to more adventures with the two of you :)


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