Thursday, April 18, 2013

His Best Side

On my rounds yesterday afternoon,
I stopped by the brooder house to check on the chicklets.
To my amazement, the peeps were all gone.
Every last stinkin' one of them...gone.
And in their place, 36 crazy adolescents...
running about and practicing their clumsy take-offs!

I swear, in two weeks time these little ones have grown like weeds.

Now gangly, awkward, not quite comfortable in their own skins...
they are much like adolescent children.

Now here is where I need your help.
Do you see this black (grey) and white bird in the foreground?

Do you have any idea what type of chicken this is?
(S)he is unlike any I have ever had.
There are three of these, and for the life of me I have no idea.
So, any help you can offer would be appreciated!

Each day I try to get as many animal pictures as possible,
but some days I get no cooperation.
Case in point:

Me:  "Moonbeam, I would really like to get a nice photo of you."

Moonbeam:  "I'm busy."

Me:  "Come-on Mr. Beam, just one nice head shot."

Moonbeam:  "Eating......"

Me:  "Oh, come on...there's only hay dust left."

Moonbeam:  "Gotta.  Get.  Every.  Last.  Morsel... Num-num-nummmmm...."

Me:  "Come on, Bud, just one nice smile?"

Moonbeam:  "How's this?"

Me:  "Not exactly what I had in mind.  Could you put a little more effort in it? "

Moonbeam:  "This?"

Me:  "Oh, for the love.....  Now, that just might be your best side, today!"

Moonbeam:  "Ok, you asked for it!"

Me:  "Arggggghhhhh!  I give up!"

And that's how it goes... some days.

PS:  Annie V.....I cannot seem to find your email address.
Could you email me?


  1. LOL..I have lots of days like that with the camera. I swear they KNOW when we "really" want a good shot and if that is not in there schedule to model..forget Not to worry you get plenty of great pictures.
    Not being up on chickens like you I am no help..but when finished growing up..should be Have fun with your mystery..part of barn life isn't it.
    Rain here for the next few days.
    Take care..Judi

  2. LOL ! That's the way it goes lol ! Cute post and photos though ! WOW ! I forgot how fast chickens grow ! Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

  3. Fun photo visit today. I am no help in identifying the speckled grey and white adolescent chick . . . (or any of the others for that matter.). I hope someone steps up to clue you in.

    Not much help in the photo posing department either . . . great pictures you managed though of one eye, tail and the "eliminating stuff!"

    Happy photo shoot today . . . I'll be looking forward to seeing your treasures tomorrow . . .

  4. some days you get the smiles and some days you just get poop! can't help you with the chicks, they all look the same to me!

  5. Not sure on the chicken either. Looks like it might be some type of feather footed breed. If so, that narrows it down a bit. Have you tried posting your photo in a chicken forum? I would think there would be someone who could tell you.

  6. Some days are just like that over here too! Your chicks are so cute and really have taken off. The chicks I was going to get have turned into three, two year olds. They were given to me by a friend of a friend who was going to put them on the dinner table. More info on those gals later....

  7. I have (3) of the same greyish/black with feathers on their feet. Mine are 4 weeks old. I was told they were araucana. The face area is pudgy like. Its fun waiting to see though :)

  8. Those little chicks do get gangly like little prehistoric critters. Moondbeam is handsome from every side!

  9. How cute are all the pictures of Moonbeam!

    I think your chicks are araucana. Some do have brown on them but some don't. My best guess.

    Hope you are having a great day, hugs!!

  10. I'm at a loss about the chick also. Our last order from MM brought a mix of chicks for colorful eggs, and we still don't know what 3 of them are. They have black/grey feathers and white legs and lay white eggs. I have taken the catalog out to the hen house many times to compare, but get nothin'! So good luck!:)

  11. LOL!! The chicks grow before our eyes!!! I love to watch them change daily!
    xo Kris

  12. Perhaps she is a Barred Rock or Plymouth Rock. I am just guessing though. Both are nice breeds.

  13. Either a dark brahma (they have a rose comb) or a marans (have a single comb). I can't see the top of the head in the picture.
    Heather in PA

  14. Great fun post! Wonderful!


  15. How about a Light Brahma? Here is a picture of one that looks to be about the same age as yours:

  16. Ann, I think you are right....a light Brahma. The picture you sent me is identical!!

  17. I'm glad you found out what your chicks are..What are you feeding them?? They are growing so fast..
    Moonbeam has an attitude..but then, you knew that..

  18. I have a light brahma in my coop; her name is Penny. I love the feathered foot varieties (we call them chickens with chaps in my family).

    It's a lot easier to name your hens when your flock is under twenty.

  19. Yep ........ Somedays your just the hydrant.........


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