Thursday, April 25, 2013

Guineas En Pointe

To anyone I might have grossed out with yesterday's "poopy" blog,
I apologize!
To the rest of you who shared your own animals' propensity towards coprophagy,
thank you for reassuring me that my animals are not "special!"

Today I will steer clear of the above subject.
Instead I will share a little guinea ballet.

Maestro....please have the orchestra begin...
perhaps a classic ballet...
such as that old favorite...
"Guinea Lake".

We begin the first act with the ensemble...

The Pas De Deux...

featuring the pirouette...

the arabesque...
(ooooh, now wait a second.... maybe this is kick-boxing instead!)

The shoulder sit (one of the grandest lifts in ballet)...

And the climax in the last act...
the double pas de chat!

Please, please hold your applause until the final number is finished...

and our stars disentangle themselves from that last position....

And that, folks, is our show.
Please let your applause be generous.
And thank you for attending our opening performance.
(Daily shows here at the farm are running through the end of the month...
admission is free!)


  1. I have a soft spot for "The Arts" and have enjoyed this performance immensely.

  2. Oh my goodness! We only have male guineas KNOW what happened to all of our females:(. I think the remaining ones are a bit smarter, must have graduated from the Bird Brain Acadamy! I would love to have some white ones though to match our beloved white peacock, Felipe!

  3. What a fun and creative post! It has been a few years since I have been to the ballet . . .

  4. Well, they are looking awfully cranky. It reminds me of my geese this time of year. :-)

  5. Oh my, what a performance!!Clap, clap!! This ballet was like non other I have seen. It really had some tense moments during the acts. Did I mention the admission price was great, what a value in this day and age! Hugs!!!

  6. Mentioning the word 'poop' is okay in my world. :) When you have pets or any other animals the subject just seems to pop up every now and then. xox

  7. This post really made me chuckle! Hope you have a wonderful spring day, Bev.


  8. Wonderful photos ! Guineas are funny We have a few here at the farm just down the road from us and they do the same thing and squawk oh boy do they squawk ! If anyone has animals poop is all part of it lol ! Cute post . Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

  9. Oh, how I have always wanted guineas, but not with a chicken killing dog - too tempting!

  10. Oh what FUN! Love the Guineas.
    Great photos Beverly..
    Thank you so much for wandering over to see my roses.. I am so happy you enjoyed your visit..
    Wishing you a beautiful week.

  11. You are so creative..Love the "ballet"...So cute..Great catch with the pictures...

  12. and I would gladly pay the cost of admission... mto be at the Frankeny Funny Farm! lolol!


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