Friday, April 19, 2013

From The BHA Broadcasting Network.....

"Roy Boy, here, reporting live for HLN
(that's Hen-Line News)
from Bee Haven Acres."

"It seems there's been a little fowl play in the henhouse this week.
Apparently someone has been cannibalizing eggs...
cracking them open and eating their contents."

"A little investigative journalism (by a very handsome ace rooster reporter)
has revealed some very convincing evidence."

"Miss Beulah Eggbeater (evidently on-strike from laying eggs herself),
 has been caught red-taloned and charged with 
theft, destruction of property, and willful misconduct."

"The case was tried by The Honorable TomTom the Omnipresent."

"And after a moment of personal deliberation...."

"A guilty verdict was handed down to the defendant."

"Miss Beulah Eggbeater was released to the custody of Gus Guinea with a warning."

"Judge TomTom admonished...'If you, young lady are ever caught committing these
heinous crimes again, the punishment for a second offense will be the soup kettle!' "

"This is RoyBoy, super sleuth, ace reporter for HLN signing off.
Have a great weekend, folks!"

Heard before the audio portion of our show was turned off:
"Can anyone tell me what the heck I stepped in?"

Thanks for stopping by the farm!
Have a wonderful weekend.
We hope to see you back on Monday for more Tails from the Farm!!


  1. Creative, fun and silly cute too . . .

  2. LOL ! Cute photos and post ! I hope the eggs are safe now ! Have a good day !

  3. You are tooooo funny. I love your posts!
    Have a great weekend...

  4. We seem to have the same crime happening here, hoping it will stop......I did put the fake wooden eggs back in the nesting boxes, it worked last year.

  5. you gotta write a just gotta!!!!

  6. Love the post this morning!! cute, cute,cute! Love the personal deliberation photo!!! Way to put a smile on my face and a chuckle in my heart-Hugs!!!

  7. I blew out an egg and filled it with mustard.
    Cynthia in Denver

  8. What a cute post today, Bev. I have an egg bandit too, just the past few weeks, but I suspect a Magpie. Maybe I should set up a camera so I have the evidence should we need a trial here.

  9. Mavis Mudd reporting from the Hollow, "Here in our barnyard, such criminal behavior is punished with 10 hours in the stocks, wherewith all the fellow barnfolk are encouraged to throw insults and chicken poo at "said offender". We know this is harsh treatment, but believe me, "said offender" never repeats the crime."

  10. Roy Boy is so beautiful...don't let him hear that...heehee.
    So far none of that is going on here, however, Eleanor has not laid an egg since fall....bummer.

  11. You've lost it for sure..Cute post :)
    Does your imagination keep you awake at night?? Love it..

  12. Oh that was sooooo funny. I love your wit....

  13. Well done, Roy Boy and TomTom! Have a lovely weekend, Bev.

  14. This put a big smile on my face. Loved it!


    P.S. Your photo is currently being hosted -C'mon over and check it out. Thank you very much for allowing me to host your photo.

  15. O my gosh this was hysterical!. You had the hubby and I in stitches...LOL

  16. This was hysterical you had me and the hubby in stitches...LOL

  17. I do hope she takes this warning to heart and doesn't end up in the soup kettle!


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