Friday, March 1, 2013

Welcome March!

There's something in the air...
barely perceptible, just a hint, a tiny reminder...
that Spring is just around the corner.

It is, you know, the first of March.
By the end of the month, there will be bright green buds on the willow trees
and all the rest of the woods will follow shortly thereafter.

Days are getting longer.  And although still cold, 
they are not as cold as they were just a few weeks ago.

Even without a calendar to tell me what time of year it is, I would have known.
The pussy willows have begun to push forth their tiny, furry pussy-cats.

Even without the presence of a female turkey,
my turkey boys have begun their mating games...
sparring and jousting in showy male demonstrations of dominance.

It's time for their yearly dueling to see who is top turkey...
the winner gaining bragging and mating rights.
But, since Edith is no longer with us,
bragging rights will have to do.

The fighting became so severe that I had to separate them.
At times I am afraid that they will take this contest just a little too far...
and maybe end up with a fatality.

So.... "time out" was in order yesterday....
separation by tall fence until bedtime when sleep would prevail.
We'll see how attitudes are in the morning.

Yesterday I spent a little time working with the donkey girls... 
who were also feeling a little bit of Spring fever!

Me:  "OK,'s lesson is entitled Having Good Halter Manners."
"Chloe, you're first.  Let's try going for a little walk, ok?"

Chloe:  "NaahUhhh!"

Me:  "Come-on Chloe, you can do it!"
Chloe:  "Nope."

Me:  "Alright Daphne, let's show her how it's done."

Daphne:  "No, thank you."

Me:  "Nice manners, Daphne....but not quite what I had in mind."

Chloe:  "I got this, Mom."

Me:  "That's great, Chloe, but neither of you are moving!"

Something tells me this is going to be a slow process!

Farm Life at its Best


  1. Cute photos ! I am so glad it is March and am keeping my eyes and ears open for more signs of spring ! The day light is later now and getting later as the month carries on ! Oh come on spring ! Cloudy and cold here . Have a good day !

  2. Spring is indeed in the air. Our redbuds and pear trees are starting to bloom here in Texas. I know you couldn't be more excited to change that calendar page. It's only a matter of time until your donkey girls will be easily walking with the halters. Happy March 1st.

  3. I was doing some reading on donkey leading and read somewhere that donkeys are used to pulling and not being pulled, if you loop a lead around their backsides and "pull" at their back ends it actually gives them a cue to walk forward! You need three hands to do this though!! Good luck!

  4. I'm still laughing..Daphne and Chloe are living up to their breed..A donkey can't be made to do anything it doesn't want to do..So funny..Great pics..Good luck..
    I guess if you got more turkeys these two wouldn't look very favorably upon them??
    Try "Donkey Bums" idea..You have 3 hands :) Have a great weekend.

  5. Halter training. I should have spent more time on that when mine were younger. I failed.

  6. Other than daffodils blooming here I haven't seen any signs of spring. Soooo cold here lately and I await springs arrival with baited breath.

  7. Awww, give them a mirror-if they knew how darned cute they look with their halters on, they may be more receptive to wearing it and being led by it! :) Sorry to hear about the toms-they must be really frustrated by not having their girlfriend any longer. Hope you have a great weekend, Bev and I hope that your poor finger is starting to feel a bit better. Hugs, Meghan

  8. You have more spring than we have if your Pussy Willows have popped!
    BUT . . .
    Today we are having our first days with spring in the air! Sunshine, birds chirping, snow melting, roads are clear, people are walking . . . It is happening, yippee!

  9. Great post, and I love the photos.

  10. Wonderful photos as always! Yep! Spring is close at hand here (in Oregon) too. :)

  11. Ooh, I love pussy willows, they were my absolute favor when I was little. Very cute with the donkeys.

  12. Thank you for posting this. I thoght our donkeys were the only ones that wouldn't lead!

  13. I'm afraid our hints of spring are still hidden beneath the snow. I'm surprised the boys are such fighters without a girl around. Hope they settle down.

  14. I've been wondering where spring is, and I see that its paid a visit to you! Your turkey's are pretty handsome, and I find it interesting that 'boys will be boys' no matter what they are! :-)

    Enjoy your weekend!

  15. hahaha! never a dull moment around the 'Haven'...
    So far the only excitement we get around here is the deer stopping off to see what the 'hay-de jour' is in the trough...

  16. Oh my have I missed the fun on the farm! I've been gone to the NW Sewing Expo. I had a blast but my bed sure felt good last night!

    I know sweet donkeys can be a little stubborn but they are so cute!!! Hopefully Tom and Chuck are behaving.

    I had daffodils blooming when I got home, so excited!!!!!! Here's to Spring!!!

  17. You really got a laugh out of me this morning! Loving this post.


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