Friday, March 8, 2013

Spring Fever

All is well with Mama and babes.

With the Spring-like weather we are enjoying,
the babes have had a chance to venture out of doors.

Staying close to Mama seems to be their main concern at this point.
Exploring will have to wait until after they have gotten their fill of milk.

Poor Missy has one udder that works well, 
with a long and ample nipple that the twins prefer.

Her other teat is swollen and full...
and because it has such a small nipple, the twins leave it alone.
It will take quite a while for this teat to shrink.
Poor Missy... this was her last pregnancy.
Once the twins are weaned, Missy is retired.

Missy's two year old, Nettie, is very caring and gentle with her baby sister
and brother.
Missy has her very own "mother's helper."

I have to admit...
I have Spring Fever.
My mind is whirling with gardening ideas.
Ideas of fairy gardens, and flower gardens and vegetable gardens have
my imagination working overtime.

Yesterday I got my scroll saw humming and cut out pickets for a picket fence.

This little section of picket fence will go into my perennial garden, as a backdrop for flowers
and a little eye appeal.

I got this idea from one of my favorite bloggers... Jeri Landers.
Jeri is an author, illustrator, artist...
and just about one of the most talented women I have ever seen.
Her gardens are amazing.
She made a fence similar to this last year.
As soon as I saw it, I knew that I would have to try it myself.

You can see her fence, gardens and beautiful world
And if you happen to have a little extra money...
buy one or more of her books.
They are fabulously adorable....full of rich, detailed illustrations.
Thanks Jeri, for the inspiration!!

Also, I am linking up with Farm Friends Friday...

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  1. Missy's daughter reminds me of dark chocolate and caramel. :)

  2. The kids are so adorable. Tyler will be happy to see the new babies. The rabbit picket fence will be a great addition to one of your gardens.

  3. LOVE the fence you cut out! What a great idea, can't wait to see where you'll put it in your garden. :-)

  4. The little ones are so cute, it is hard to believe they will be as big as their sister in two years.
    You go girl! I love the bunny fence! Can't wait to see it. I am hopping over to see your friend's blog.

  5. a witch fence! it is in my future! i need to buy a jigsaw! i just signed on to follow jeri!

  6. Adorable little twins . . . they give me spring fever . . .

    Really like your fence, (I see the bum finger too) and will "hop" over to your friends site for a visit!

    Give the twins a hug from me . . .

  7. Well how cute is that fence going to be! I love it. I was thinking of you yesterday when I read Suzanne's post at Chickens in the Road. She has a bottle baby and another one that come into the house...and they did a fun photo day with them. So cute, you have to go look.
    Which goats will be your mamas for next year's babes?

  8. Oooh .. that one side on Missy looks almost painful ... can you milk her on that side. Also, it is udder not utter ... LOL Although, I'd have to imagine if you can milk that side of her udder, she may utter a plaintive bleat because it is tender! Love the bunny fencing ... too cute!!

  9. I so love the kid's pictures. Have you named them yet?

    My head is also swirling with ideas for the garden. I'm in love with that bunny fence. I may have to copy it also for one area of my garden. Love the black finger nail in the pic - ouch again!! Well I'm off to go visit your fence inspiration blog. Enjoy your day!!

  10. Those babies are darling! I know what you mean about spring fever, I can hardly stand the wait! So I spend my time looking at all my gardening books and magazines.
    Those pickets turned out great. They will make a lovely fence.
    Have a great weekend. Cindy

  11. Wow! That poor girls udder! I hope you get it all milked out so the babies can nurse again.

    Cute pictures and thanks for linking up!

  12. Gosh, you are talented with that saw! That is going to look very sweet when you put it up. Have a wonderful weekend. Supposed to be in the low 70's here. Time to weed the flower beds. I love hand weeding...I can be out there for hours lost in my own world with my two dogs..that is the plan for Sunday.

  13. Adorable..can't wait to see the finished product..You're so talented..I'm sure your garden will be lovely as well as productive..Have a great weekend..

  14. The babies are so cute. Poor Mama with that swollen teat. How many times do you let them have babies before retiring? Will you keep the babes?
    Love the new fence. I would love to have a scroll saw!!! Your finger looks very ouchy!!!!! You are going to lose that nail, me thinks.
    XO Kris

  15. The babies are so cute! I'm glad I'm not the only one that lets my goats retire. Your fence is adorable! I do try to avoid power tools, though, because I tend to hurt myself with them.

  16. Very well done Bev! It is just dandy, and I see you are as handy with a saw as I am. In fact, I have an itch to pull out my power tools and start work on a Dovecote for my potting shed. Thank you for the kudos! Puppies send sloppy kisses from the Hollow.

  17. That's some beard on the nanny goat. Love the pickets for the new fence. You should join up with fridays fences when you get that done.

  18. They'r cute :)

  19. I think baby goats are a visually reminder of all that's good in the world! (Found you on Farm Fun Friday!)

  20. the little ones are adorable makes me miss my own goats

  21. Awesome job ! They are soo cute ! Wonderful photos ! Have a great day !


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