Monday, March 11, 2013

On The Farm With Tyler

What a wonderful weekend!
Weather wise... perfect.
High 50's.

Spring arrived.
Saturday, the wash dried on the line.
Saturday night... fresh, clean sheets that smelled like Spring!

The icing on the cake was a special sleepover.
Jenn, Tyler's mommy called us Saturday and said she was bringing Tyler up for a sleepover.
On the agenda: farm breakfast, farm fun, and a play date with the baby goats.

Tyler has had the fun of meeting baby goats every year since his birth.

This year was the best.

He held them tenderly,

played with them,

kissed them,

and laughed and laughed at their quick little movements.

Goatie kisses sent him into paroxysms of giggling.

It was quite magical!

We stopped for a quick visit with one of Dr. Becky's horses, Ava.

Towering way above Tyler... Ava dipped her nose down to check him out.

We took the Nigerian Dwarf goats for a walk (mayhem).

The rest of the day was filled with ball games with Sam and Oakley.

I am sure that both Oakley and Tyler would have continued this game for hours!

"Okey's back!" Tyler said. 
He is getting pretty good with his colors...
(translation: Oakley's black!)

Sam, as you can see, has his own unique game that he plays while Oakley chases the ball.
(Not sure what that game is called!)

Tyler loves riding on the farm equipment with "Muppy".

He enthusiastically helped pick up branches while Tim pruned the apple trees.

He takes his jobs quite seriously.

Taking feed to the pigs is another favorite task.

We got oodles and oodles of outside work done this weekend.
Hopefully this warm weather will stick around a while...
I've got so much more to do!


  1. Looks like a wonderful start for spring!

  2. What fun! We would love some of your weather. I've been reading the older posts to learn about how everything got where it is now and it's been a delight watching Tyler grow.

  3. It is amazing how quickly little ones grow up. I know it seemed fast with my own children. But grandchildren....warp speed!!

  4. Tyler is too big already! Wasn't he just born a few months ago??? :-)
    I'm so glad you're having Spring and everyone is enjoying their farm chores.

  5. Tyler is so adorable in his lime green Gap sweatshirt! It is so wonderful how he is growing up to be another animal lover-you all are teaching him such a valuable life lesson! Animals teach us so much-empathy, gentleness, unconditional love and humor. What a lucky little boy to have you all for family!

  6. Wow, I can't believe how big Tyler has gotten. He is beautiful. He is very blessed to spend time with you. Enjoying the animals, playing hard and working.
    What wonderful memories for all of you. Hugs and blessings.

  7. Now that sound like a perfect weekend. I sure hope the weather holds for you to get lots and lots of Spring work done. Ours turned to rain again so no playing outside for me. Unless I want to make mud pies! Hugs!!!

  8. Tyler has such a wonderful experience of getting to know what a farm and the animals are all about. Maybe someday, he'll take over for you : )
    I love the pics with Tyler and the dogs, too. Sam looks like he is trying to remind Oakey he is still his play partner.

  9. Fantastic photos ! I smiled at every one of them ! I love seeing kids with farm animals ! The weather here was also lovely sunny and warm and temps reached the low 60's . Spring has a arrived here as well . Today it is mild and raining. Thanks for sharing this wonderful weekend of yours with us ! Have a good day !

  10. Looks like a great weekend. We had rain the whole time, and the goats are not happy. Love the shots of Tyler and the kids!

  11. Great pictures Bev..Tyler was adorable with the new goats..Did you name them yet?? Looks like Sam has a game of his own.. Sorry to say that this weekend was just a tease and it's supposed to get cold again..

  12. Looks like a perfect weekend to me! He's a doll!

  13. what a wonderful sleepover. and i bet he slept like a log! here comes the rain!

  14. Great, great weekend. Tyler's photos with the goats are adorable.

  15. Looks like a wonderful weekend!. Weather was beautiful...I love reading about Tylers adventures on your farm.. For a little boy his age it must be the best thing in the world..and the photos of him with the babies and the dogs are precious!
    Robyn :)

  16. Little Tyler is learning all the "ins and outs" of being a farmer or an animal lover, at least. It is so good to see. He seems so happy at your place. Sweet, darling little boy.


  17. I'm so jealous, we have the cute baby goats but our grandsons are now 30 and 22....Waiting for great-grandbabies....


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