Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Memories.. an Encore Post

It has snowed again here on the farm, 

and we are holding our breaths,
hoping that Spring is following soon.

 (The only one happy with the white stuff, though beautiful, is Sadie!)

I can't write another post about snowy days, so instead, I am going to
share a very old post with you...
(from almost 4 years ago...so if you are new to my blog, you will have never seen this)

About 4 years ago, our first mini horse, Ollie, came to live on the farm.

Here is a trip down memory lane....

New Arrival 
(Encore Post From June, 2009)
Today is quite a special day....
from a very sad situation some good has come to Bee Haven Acres. 
Meet our newest addition:
Oliver Twist

He is 3 1/2 weeks old and very tiny. 
Unfortunately, his Mama developed a bad neurologic condition 
and she was unable to take care of him.
 She passed away this morning, leaving her little boy in need of a home. 
Doctor Becky has been caring for the mother and offered the owner 
a home for the foal here at Bee Haven Acres.

So, we loaded him into the truck
and brought him home (in a dog crate on the back seat) this morning. 
After settling into his new stall, he introduced himself to his new barn friends.

Needless to say, there is much excitement in the barn right now!

*This photo was taken before Dr. Becky had built her own barn,
so her horses were still here at our barn.
It was touch and go for the first week Ollie was with us.
He refused the milk replacer feed,
and would only eat the regular horse feed and hay.
We feared he would starve.
He grew slowly, but eventually caught up.

A couple of months later, we decided he needed a friend his own size,
and so we purchased his half brother, Red.
The two have been inseparable ever since!

It's hard to believe that these boys are going to be 4 years old this summer!


  1. Oh I joined your blog after all this ! Oh what a sad thing about Ollie's Mama . I am so glad you took him and his half brother in and all has worked out well . Lovely photos ! I guess it is Ollie's Birthday around this time then Happy Birthday sweet Ollie. It is more like spring here then it has been , no snow left here the night temps have been at 0 instead of below and the day temps are to rise today to 43 °F and be sunny , as the week goes on it is to get warmer so I am happy to say that spring has sprung for us finally , Hope it does for you soon to ! Have a good day !

  2. what a sweet story! they sure are cute boys!

  3. Oh what a sweet story! I'm a relatively new reader, so please post some more of these older posts. It will help take your mind off the weather for a little bit. Spring will be here soon...hang in there, Bev.

  4. Loved this . . . I like to read these kind of renewal . . . Easter like stories . . . such wonderful parents you are!

  5. Oh my, have I been having morning coffee with you this long? What a great trip down memory lane. I still can't believe Ollie was that small.

    I really am doing the sun dance for you but maybe it is my inner love of Sadie that the dance isn't working. Our weatherman is predicting seventies for Easter weekend. Now that is unheard of around here. I'm not complaining but Mother Nature is a little mixed up these days. Take care and hopefully the snow melts soon, hugs!!!

  6. I had not seen this post. I'm so glad to know something happy came out of something sad. Ollie looks happy and it's nice to know he made it through the rough time. A baby losing it's mama is always sad. I lost the dog of my life in June 2009. It was rough and still makes me sad. BTW, Beverly, just wanted to let you know the almond flour came in just recently from the US so, I will be trying those gluten free cinn. rolls you linked me to. Thanks again. Can't wait to try it.
    Hope spring gets there quickly for you.

  7. It shows what excellent nursing care and lots of love can do! Ollie was soooo adorable as a baby! Of course, he still is. What lucky little guys! Sorry for your continued snow, Bev. I'm sure it must be so tiresome when you are more than ready to get outside and play in the dirt! Hopefully soon! Hugs, Meghan

  8. There is something special about an orphan. What a sad beginning and a happy ending for little Ollie.
    The mini's have there own way..lol. They sure are not like a horse, more like having a 3or 4 year old little boy around. You Never know what they will get into next..lol. I know you enjoy yours as much as we love ours. I always enjoy hearing what yours are up to.
    Spring is slowly coming. We avoided your storm thank heavens. Sorry Bev..you can keep the white stuff..lol
    Have a great day..Judi B.

  9. They are such cute little boys. If I didn't have the donkeys, I would get some.

  10. Great re-post, Bev! I enjoyed this so much! I love the horses, too. I miss being with our horses. Thank you for posting such a sweet memory. It touched my heart.


  11. This post just made my morning SO much better. Thank you for wonderful pics of the fuzzy little man.

    I'm going to go back to paperwork, now....BORING!!

  12. OMG..I had forgotten how little he was..hanks for jogging my memory.

  13. Not many people could say they brought their horse home in a dog crate! He is just adorable.

    Kathy from Tasmania

  14. All I can say about the snow is it missed us!!! How much did you get!

    Adorable ponies!


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