Tuesday, March 5, 2013


All is well in the turkey world once more.

After several days of Tom (the aggressor) being "sequestered"
(placed on house arrest, actually),
the boys have seemingly worked out their differences.

You will notice in this picture, that Tom is all puffed up,
with red snood, head and neck.

While Chuck has taken on a more submissive look...

with snood held firmly against his forehead,
no red visible on his face or neck.

In essence, Tom has won the duel,
luckily without a fight.

Both boys have large black scabbed areas on their snoods
which will heal with time.
But for now, they look a little rough around the edges.

Whenever there is anything stressful on the farm,
like dueling turkeys,
I head for the pigpen.
Time spent with my girls is always peaceful and sweet.

Sweet, sweet piggy friends!


Missy has lost her mucous plug, so she should be going into labor very, very soon.


  1. I'm glad Tom and Chuck have settled their differences without further incidents. As for Ginger and Maryann, sweet friends are always the best friends.

  2. peace on the farm again! glad those boys have settled down! i love those piggies! can't wait for kids! are you getting any of the storm?

  3. I think some chapters of a book have already been written.
    Does the color of the turkey red "gobble", (can't remember the name,) actually turn color?
    I enjoy the Bee Haven stories . . .
    I hope all goes well in the birthing . . .

  4. Yay, Toms! Yay sweet piggie friends! I am sooo excited to hear about the births-please give Missy a hug for me! I've only had the pleasure of laboring one time but I know how hard it can be! Tell her I hope that it goes well and she is in my prayers! Hugs, Meghan

  5. Lovely photos ! Oh there are gona be babies soon I am looking forward to it to . Hope all goes well for mama and baby or babies !Have a good day !

  6. Those boys! I glad to see they are getting along - for now! Have you thought about getting a hen or turkette? Or what every they call girl turkeys!!! I suppose they would fight over her also.

    Kids a coming - Yeah!!

  7. Glad to hear the boys have worked out their differences. I can hardly wait to see the kids!

  8. Glad all is well in Turkey land...Pray that all goes well for Missy..

  9. OOOWWW! Scabbed snoods sounds painful, but I'm glad your sequester has ended peacefully. If only reality could work that way.
    I cannot even imagine Ginger & Mary Ann biting & snaping at one another like Chuck & Tom. Those two sweeties seem to be the picture of civility at all times.
    Can't wait to see what the kids look like. We are sending Missy positive thoughts that she have a perfectly normal labor & birth that ends with a healthy kid(s). We can't wait to see the newest farm fur babies.


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