Thursday, March 28, 2013

A Run With The Boys

Yesterday was a day off the farm for me...
a trip into town to take care of some business and run errands.

Upon arrival home, I mentioned to Hubbs that I had no ideas for my next blog post.
He was getting ready to go for a run and suggested that I do a video
to show you the joy and exuberance that Sam and Oakley show
at the prospect of a run.
(I have to add here that Amanda and Hubbs always tease me...
saying that I never use their blog post suggestions...
I am an independent now you will understand why I had to post this!)

The boys love all types of adventures, and a good run in the woods is just the best kind of adventure.

I was hesitant at first, thinking there would not be enough material,
but I went along with the idea and turned on the video camera.

As soon as the dogs realized what was about to happen,
the excitement started!

Watch and be amazed......

Yes, Hubbs was uninjured in this video.
And yes, I had to edit a portion of the soundtrack.
So, you see, because it was his suggestion,
I just had to share the video with you!
(And he is such a good sport, that he did not object!)

Luckily, the rest of the run went off without incident,
and all 3 of my boys returned home safe, sound, and a little tired.
But, that just might be the last suggestion Hubbs ever offers!


  1. Awww, bless Hubbs pea pickin heart. LOL

  2. Too funny! He won't be making to many more suggestions on blog posts. He's a good sport!

  3. That video looked a little like home to me :) I love reading about Bee Haven Acres!!! Only been following for a few months now and my morning coffee would never be the same without it...Thank you for starting my day off right.

  4. Oh my goodness Beverly that was FABULOUS!!! Still laughing!! Love it! I can so see my husband doing that- only something with tools!!! Haha:)

  5. That was hilarious! Our two dogs get just as excited play-fighting with each other every time "Dad" puts on his shoes. Thanks for the good laugh so early in the morning. And thanks to Hubbs for being such a good sport about you posting this.

  6. Best ever, I am still smiling . . . watched it twice! (Happy all is well in the injury department!)

  7. hahahaha.....this was great. and teddy is standing here barking like crazy!

  8. Too funny! I'm glad every body was OK.

    Dogs do get excited about things. LizzieBelle knows the phrase 'wanna go bye's in the car?' or 'wanna go for a walk?' She gets all excited and it's so cute to watch!

    And yea, I think you're on your own now for post ideas, lol!

  9. I'm so glad someone else's dogs do that! Bella has learned to give a "please" bark so she will ask my husband to go for a walk, then all chaos breaks loose! LOL Since we are in town they have to be on leashes. Oh dear, I'm glad your hubs wasn't hurt!

  10. Sooooo funny!!!!!!!

  11. Oh my, I must admit I did chuckle at your hubb's expense. I glad he wasn't injured but sure enjoyed the footage. Jazi and Jackson turn into crazies when you mention "want to go outside".

    Of course the added bonus of Saddie, ahhhhhhh love!! I could just wrap my arms around that neck and snuggle in all that fur!! Hugs!!

  12. OMG..That man belongs in a padded room...Too funny..glad he wasn't hurt..Yes, He is a good sport...

  13. You couldn't have staged that if you tried. So funny.

  14. Holy cow! That was too funny! That's what he gets for suggesting you video it....heeheeha.... Glad he was ok...that no animals were harmed in the making of this film.

    They say most accidents in the home are caused from tripping over pets....hummm, I had better watch myself!

  15. THANKS for a much needed grin today!! :-)!

  16. Oh poor guy what a thing to have happen when being video taped . What a good sport lol . I can imagine he had a few choice words to say then lol . Thanks for sharing and tell your Hubbs yes I did giggle a bit ! Have a wonderful Easter weekend !

  17. Ah hahahahahaha ... you do have the best post! Patty/BC

  18. He really is a good sport to let you show that. He must be in great shape as he made an excellent recovery. I love the way the dogs all started running down the driveway and then noticed your Hubby wasn't with the pack any more. What a trooper your husband is. I am sure you will get a lot of milage out of that video for many years to come. Maybe you should take their suggestions more often (if you need a laugh). Gotta watch it again. I couldn't tell if the dogs tripped him or he hit an icy patch.


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