Monday, February 18, 2013

Weekend Adventure

Friday morning we packed up our car and headed to the airport.

travel knitting
North Carolina visit Ryan (the only one of our kids who does not live in PA)
and our friends (and pre-farm neighbors) Tim and Ann at their
beautiful Southern Pines horse farm.

Surprisingly, our PA weather followed us.
We were treated to 60 degree weather upon arrival,
which soon deteriorated into the 30's with that area's first winter snowfall of this year!

We had a great (but short) weekend away...
sleeping in, eating out, visiting, and tons of laughter!
Great fun!

We arrived home on Sunday afternoon to find this much of the new pavilion finished.

It is even better than we imagined...

beautiful craftsmanship....

not a nail or screw in the entire structure.... only wooden pegs!

 With enough daylight left to visit the animals...
I got my weekend's fill of hugs and snuzzles.

Sadly, Cloe is having some lameness issues that started before we left.

I had hoped she would be better when we returned,
but not so.
A hoof abscess is most likely the culprit.
Dr. Becky will probably open it today to allow for drainage, soaks and dressings.

Those of you who have multiple animals will agree...
It's always something!

it's so good to be home.
And we were greeted by our first Eastern Bluebird of the year.

A word about our PA weather.
There were a couple of comments expressing surprise that Thursday's snowstorm was
melted by mid morning.
This time of year our weather can vary from lows in the teens to highs in the 50's on any given day.
So, a snowstorm can easily melt with the warmth of the mid-day sun....
just a little hint that Spring is right around the corner.


  1. The animals must have missed you. It is fun to get away though. Poor Cleo, I hope it won't be to painful when Dr. Becky treats it.

  2. Glad you got to spend some time with your son. Sorry that the snow followed you. Surprised to see the beautiful pavilion pop up while you were gone. With all that you and your husband do on the farm, for some reason I thought you'd be building it yourselves. It's lovely with the pegs which add great character. I know you will make the picnic area a special place and will share it with lovely photos for your followers to enjoy. Hope Chloe is feeling better soon.

  3. Sorry...I meant I hoped that Cleo would be feeling better soon, not Chloe.

  4. the pavillion is fabulous! who is building it? i love good craftsmanship. i hope cleo will be okay!

  5. Glad you had a lovely weekend trip . Wonderful photos ! Oh I hope Cleo will be better soon . Yes sometimes the weather here to can be like that . I am so done with winter now come on spring it to is just around the corner for us as our Robins have arrived . I love the Eastern Blue birds here they arrive later about the end of April beginning of May ! Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

  6. Sounds like a great get away! I have been on the lookout for bluebirds, but none so far. Sorry to hear about Cleo and hope it clears up OK. Have a great week. (Isn't this weather crazy. I'm in IN and I WANT SPRING!

  7. A little get away is always fun! Especially to come home and see the new structure!

    My weekend was spent with a granddaughter's birthday and all the big kids and grand kids home for the weekend. Always FUN!!!

  8. oops, my bad. You were right...I misspelled Chloe's name this morning!! Bad mommy I am!!

  9. Sounds like you had a lovely weekend. I hope Chloe's better very soon! You pavilion is beautiful - pure craftsmanship!

  10. Poor little girl with her sore foot. The pavilion is going to be beautiful. I am recalling the big project you had with the riding arena. When are you going to get a horse you can ride and get back to doing that? *smile*

  11. Oh what a fun week end you had! I am sorry to hear about Chloe's lameness-I pray that it isn't too big of a deal to fix or too painful for her.

    The pavilion is totally amazing! I cannot believe that there aren't any nails. Beautiful!

  12. I, too, hope Chloe's foot gets better soon. The post and beam structure is beautiful. We live in Topsfield, MA and surprisingly we have Eastern Bluebirds year round. Have for about five years! My husband really worried about them but they seem to do well. We believe they winter over underneath the barn up the street with the goats when the weather is bad. We've had two batches of babies almost every summer for years! Such sweet birds! Jan

  13. Hi Bev,
    How nice you were able to take flight to visit your son.. I am sure you had a great visit.
    Your pavilion is going to be beautiful! Can't wait to see the completion.

  14. Fun to go, but so good to be back again!

  15. Glad you enjoyed your time away..Sorry that Chloe isn't any better..The picnic area shelter looks wonderful..Most houses aren't built that well these days..

  16. All wooden pegs! Love that. Glad you got your hugs and cuddles in! :)

  17. That will be a fabulous Pavilion, I agree the workmanship is top notch. I guess that is how things were built "back in the day" How nice that some artisans still work in the old styles.


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