Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Today's Lesson....Sharing

What an amazingly beautiful day we had here yesterday.

I began morning chores at 6:30 with temps in the teens....brrrrr!
 by the end of the afternoon we saw 35 degrees.
(amazingly, that felt warm!)

(Is there anything sweeter than sleeping minis?)
There is a subtle change in the air...
the sun once again has warmth to it.
The gentle breezes whisper that Spring is on her way!

And so, I spent the entire day out of doors.
I cleaned the pasture, went to the feed store and filled all the feed bins to the top,
as well as the usual farm chores.

The pavilion is coming along.
It is being built by the same contractor who built our house.
When it is finished, it will have a walnut stain finish and a green roof.

I spent a little extra time yesterday playing with the animals.
After being away for the weekend, I felt the need to "catch up" on my lovin'.

Chloe is still limping a little, but does not seem to have any significantly sore areas on her hoof,
so we have decided to watch her for just a little longer.

For the first time ever I actually witnessed the girls playing with the Jolly Balls.

Daphne tried for the longest time to bite the round part of the ball,

and eventually found that she could lift the ball by the handle.

Chloe:  "Hey, I want that ball."

Daphne:  "It's my ball...you can have the purple one."

Chloe:  "It's not nice to be stingy.  I'd rather have pink!"

Daphne:  "Don't care...my ball!"

Chloe:  "Arrrrrgh!"
And so Chloe opted for biting Daphne in the butt instead.
That seems to be the usual way that differences are settled between these two.


  1. Poor Chloe, I hope her hoof continues to get better. The picnic pavilion is something else. To think there aren't any nails or screws is unbelievable. What craftsmanship, just wonderful!

  2. Doesn't it always feel so much warmer when the sun is shining? Even if the thermometer doesn't always agree. Love the pavilion and the playful donkeys.

  3. Crazy donkeys!! They are so cute playing but not biting butts!!!

    Love how the pavilion is coming along. What a great area to have a picnic!!

    We've even had some wonderful sun shine over the long weekend. I can only hope Spring is on the way!!! hugs!!

  4. Silly girls...I sure would love to catch the playing with the balls. Isn't it weird that it feels warm at 35? We got snow again last night just when I thought Spring was coming!

  5. Looks like a beautiful day . . . Loved visiting and seeing your animal family . . .

    Looks like the picnic pavillion area is going to be wonderful!

  6. Oh I loved this post.. The girls with the ball was so funny you must have been laughin watching that.. Im sorry about Chloe's hoof. I hope it's all healed completely and soon.. The pavilion looks beautiful. Can't wait to see it when it's done :)

  7. Great Donkey pics..Glad Chloe seems better..Today was very different from yesterday weather wise..

  8. How fun to watch them interact and play! I hope Chloe's hoof improves!!!
    I missed your previous post. What are you knitting there? Sounded like a fun weekend away. And the pavillion is fabulous! NO nails? Really?
    XO Kris

  9. Happy to er Chloe is doing better! The pavilion is stunning, what craftsmanship!


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