Wednesday, February 27, 2013

"Red Sun in the Morning..."

I have learned that a beautiful winter sunrise...

is often the harbinger of nasty weather.
Remember that old saying?
"Red sun in the morning, sailors take warning.
Red sun at night, sailors delight."

Yesterday's pinks and purples proved that true.
By mid afternoon, freezing rain had arrived...
sending all of our critters into their shelters.

The barn roos chose the relative dryness of the barn's overhang.

The horses stayed under cover as long as there was hay to entice them.
(They never have enough sense to come in out of the weather.)

The donkey girls are not keen on wet weather,

 and only ventured out to beg for their pellet feed at dinnertime....
their soft "heeee-heeeeeheeehe" barely audible.

In the mornings, their braying is quite loud, 
"HAWWWW HAWWWWW HAWWW",  they cry, afraid that I won't hear them!
Don't worry girls, even the neighbors hear your morning alarm.

Moll Flanders sat in the doorway of the barn and sighed....
no rainy adventures for her!

Even the goats refused to come outside for their dinner...

The ladies in waiting are still just that....waiting.

Only MaryAnn ventured out in the rain to get her daily "fountain" drink.

Animals, like humans, love traditions.

The rest of the week is to be relatively rainy.
It's great for building up the water table,
but, oh....the mud!

Addendum (written several hours after the above):

It is with the heaviest of hearts that I tell you the following.
We lost our dear One Eyed Myrtle last evening during the birthing of her twin bucklings.
Dr. Becky feels that her uterine artery ruptured,
causing a massive hemorrhage.
Sadly, her bucklings died also.
Myrtle was one of Dr. Becky's favorites.

I took this photo just a few short hours before her passing.
She was resting comfortably at this point.

Her passing was sudden and quick, so we know she did not suffer at all.
Myrtle had always been such a good mama...
oh so gentle and attentive.
We will miss her terribly.

This is the very hardest part of farm life...
and yet it is most definitely a part of it.
The circle of extraordinarily beautiful and amazing.
We love our critters deeply... always knowing that our time with them is brief.
Knowing that doesn't make it any easier, though...


  1. I am so sorry for your loss. It never gets any easier to lose a loved pet. We lost our Keeshond, Princess in December. Praying for a safe delivery for your other Ladie in waiting. Hope your finger is feeling better each day!


  2. Oh my . . . stunned . . . sad . . . my heart is heavy for you.
    So, so sorry . . .

  3. R.I.P dear Myrtle, be at peace dear bucklings.

  4. oh no bev...i am so very sorry to hear this. myrtle and the babies...what a huge loss.

  5. Oh no, I'm so very sorry to hear about Myrtle. What a sad day at Bee Haven Acres...

  6. Thanks everyone. The condolences belong mostly to Becky, who has cared for these pregnant girls and watches them by closed circuit TV when she is not outside to check on them. It is doubly hard for her to lose them.

  7. So sorry to all on the loss of Myrtle and her babes. It isn't any easier because it is a fact of farm life or life in general. Hope the others are delivered safely soon, and serve as a welcome reminder of the joy in the cycle of life.

  8. How heart wrenching to lose the entire family so suddenly. My sympathy to all who loved her.

  9. Sorry for your loss ! Farm life has it's good and it's not so good times . Looking forward to new babies and hope all is well when the time comes ! Have a good day !

  10. Oh no, I am so very sorry for all of you. And to lose the babies too:-( So much joy can suddenly turn to grief on the farm. Sending you and Dr. Becky a big hug.

  11. I am so sad for is so hard to lose these sweet loved ones. Sorry you lost the little ones too...

  12. We haven't suffered a big loss here yet, since we are still quite new at this. But I know one day we will, and this is why "farming" is so hard for me....get too emotionally involved with those beautiful creatures! My favorites are our cows....they are like my lil puppies;)

  13. I am so sorry for the loss of your goat and babies. I hope and pray the rest of the girls have no problems.

  14. Sad news indeed and it is the hardest part of farm life for sure. Give Dr. Becky a big hug...very sorry to hear this.

  15. Oh I am just so sad for Miss Myrtle and her babes! I am also sad for you and Doc Becky. What a loss you all must feel! My heart is heavy. So sad to say goodbye...Hugs, Meghan

  16. As a daily reader, I'm so sorry to hear your news. As a farm girl myself, I know we have to take these things in stride, but it's never easy because these animals and the farm are our friends and life.

  17. I am so, so sorry about Myrtle and her bucklings! Hopefully, Missy's kids will be born without a problem.

  18. So sad to hear about your loss. Always hard to lose a member of the farm family. Patty/BC

  19. I am so sorry about Myrtle. They become such a part of our hearts and when they pass it is so sad.

  20. I am saddened to hear about Myrtle's unexpected death as well as that of her bucklings. As you said she was laways a good mother. It was merciful that she passed quickly. Even though these tradgies are part of life on a farm, I know it is no less painful for all of you, especially Dr. Becky who takes such good care of all the animals.

  21. So shocked to read this sad news. I know you must all be so heartbroken. All of us blog readers love to hear about your animals and we feel a real connection with them, even though we have never 'met' them (or you). It is, as you say the reality of farm life, but still heart-breaking nonetheless I'm sure. Myrtle cannot be replaced, but I hope the arrival of some new little goat babies will provide some distraction and comfort.
    P.S. I lost a full term baby girl at birth, so I know first hand how suddenly and unexpectedly things can go wrong, even for us humans.
    I will be thinking of you all today.

    Kathy from Tasmania

  22. thanks all for your kindness....


  23. What a shock !!..So sorry for your loss..Myrtle was always such a trooper. My hopes are that Missy's labor and delivery are uneventful...That surely is the hard part of having all those critters..Loss is so hard...The new kids will help raise your spirits..

  24. Oh, that makes me sad that she died. Poor thing. And the babies, too.

    I'm happy, though, that she got to live in such a nice place, looked after by awesome people. Warm, comfortable and loved. What every animal should have.

    Sweet girl. Rest in peace. And hugs to you, lady.

  25. I am so sorry to hear of your losses. It really never gets any easier.

  26. Very sorry to hear about Myrtle. She was my favorite goat. I always enjoyed your stories and pictures of her. I know that you took good care of her,yet I always felt bad for her with the one eye. She couldn't have had a better home than your farm. Thank you for your devotion and kindness to your animals. Todd

  27. So, so sorry for your loss. Knowing they are in a better place up there doesn't keep us from missing them down here.

  28. I am so sorry to hear about Myrtle! She was such a fun little character to read about. :-( It doesn't help any when the weather is dreary, either. Hang in there!

  29. What heartache. Please know that you and yours are in my thoughts and prayers.


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