Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day
to all of our sweet friends...
from your friends at Bee Haven Acres.

Audrey is puckered up...
ready to plant a kiss right on your lips
in honor of Valentines Day.
Won't you be her sweetheart and accept??

Ok, she'll back up and take a Ritz cracker instead, if you insist!

Or maybe you would rather save that Valentine kiss for MaryAnn....

Maybe if I wash her face??

I had a day off the farm yesterday...
meeting my buddy Tyler and his Mommy and my Mommy for lunch.
This little fellow is a blast!
The sparkle in his eyes is just a teeny hint at how much personality he has.

I can't wait for his next visit to the farm!

Today (if the weather cooperates) construction begins on the picnic pavilion.
We'll keep you up to date with its progress as the week rolls along.

This week has been one for housecleaning.
Warmer temperatures has made outdoor chores more tolerable.
The henhouses have had a good cleaning, as you can see...

I talked to these gals about trying to keep it clean...
we'll see how that works!

Hugs and kisses from all your friends at the farm!
Have a great day!


  1. Happy Valentines Day to you all ! Lovely photos !

  2. Look at those eyes of Mr. Tyler!!! Look out ladies!!

    Speaking of ladies, if you get your girls to keep their coop clean let me know so I can teach my girls!

    Happy Valentine's Day!!

  3. Happy Heart Day to you and all the animals on your farm.

  4. i would kiss marann right on her dirty nose! happy V day!

  5. LOL!! Love all those kissy faced animals! And Mwaaaaaah back at you! Happy Valentines Day!

  6. I'd kiss any of them - except maybe a chicken LOL Happy Valentine's Day to you!

  7. Maw ahhhh kisses back to you . . .


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