Monday, February 4, 2013

Happy February!!

It has been a funny winter here on the farm.
We have gotten a fair amount of snow... in small doses.

If snow passes through the state, we seem to get it..
even if no one else does.

It's lovely, actually.
And it never seems to last long enough to get dirty.

No... we just have a lovely dusting every few days.
Perfect, sparkly, white flakes of cold.

Very cold.

But, we are not wishing our lives away, now are we?
No, we are celebrating the cold and the snow as gifts, right?

Ok..... truth be told, (she says whispering) on Saturday I had just had enough cold.
My hands hurt.
My body shivered.
And I was ready to trade my left something for a Spring day.

Unfortunately, Old Man Winter was not in a bartering mood,
and instead he just gave us another lovely snowfall instead.

I give up.
Back into the snowsuit and out into the snow....
smiling at my silly meltdown.

Smiling like Jill.

At least this awaits me when I return to the house...

and freshly baked cookies (thank you Amanda!) ....

and a pot of homemade chicken noodle soup on the stove.

Life is good.

And winter is still here.

The good news is....
it's February.
And at the end of this month we begin birthing season for goats!

YAY!!!!  Baby goats are the best.
And we have a special surprise planned for kidding season.
I will give you a hint.... it involves pink tutus and tiaras!!!
You'll just have to wait another month to see what we are up to!

And don't forget, today at noon I will pull a name from the chicken tote and see who
gets to call it their own.
Thanks so much for your book ideas....
so many great ones to choose from....
made it too hard to pick a winner,
so instead we are going "random".
(I will announce the winner on our facebook page after noon....
or you can wait for tomorrow's blog post.)

You all are just the best.... always ready to help me out when I need it!
I am so lucky to "know" you.
Hugs to you all!

PS:  I finished another apron and we poured more lip balm and added them to the
Marketplace at Bee Haven Acres


  1. It will be fun watching the videos of the new kids on the farm. It's going to be blustery today here in MA.

  2. All of our snow got "rained" away. We have cold and no pretty white snow. :( I think winter is here to make us really, really appreciate Spring. Happy Februrary!

  3. We too have had daily snow . . . although our "dusting" has been arriving in 6-8 inch bunches. I was wishing for snow and it arrived bountiful!

    Love the sweet smile face of Jill . . . (I hope I have the right name for the "goat with a smile!")

  4. we are getting more snow today too! i can't wait to see goats in tutus and tiaras! it sounds like a new tv show!

  5. My heart went pitter patter this morning and you know why. It's a framable picture of my Sadie!!!

    The dusting of snow makes the countryside so pretty to look at but the tails tell me it is cold!

    Tutus and Tiaras??? Oh my, who will be wearing these?

    Stay warm by that fire, have a cup of tea and enjoy your day, Hugs!!

  6. Your photos are very pretty with the low light and the snow. Happy February to you and everyone on the farm.

  7. Yes, it's February but it still seems so far away...Spring that is. Our weather has been very similar, foggy, cold and bits of snow.

    I would love to hold one of those sweet little baby goats> fun! I think Dash would get a kick out of them too.

  8. Yes, winter has been in wee doses this year..except for the cold..More tonight , I hear...I envy all that you have to come home to..Lucky you..

  9. I had fun here. I'll be back.

    Love your barnyard babies.......

  10. Bev, Now please don't take this the wrong way, but whenever I watch the series "All Creatures Great and Small" and see Mr Dent and his pigs, I think of you! You are the only lady I know with such funny little piggy pals. I mean, you really have me thinking about going all porcine and such.Maybe, just one small piggy. BUT, you are so correct when you claim there is nothing as CUTE as a wee baby goat, I love it!

  11. Always a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow of snow ! New babies oh how wonderful ! I am at the end of this winter to especially when it is gloomy but once the sun comes out it's a whole new ball game for me lol ! Wonderful post and photos ! Have a good day !


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