Wednesday, February 20, 2013

H2O and Snow, Snow, Snow

I am sure by now you are well acquainted with MaryAnn and Ginger,
our Kunekune pigs.
These two girls are so full of personality,
and have so many funny little habits.

Every day, on one or more of my trips to the pigpen,
I clean and refill their water buckets.

As soon as MaryAnn hears me outside her door,
she runs down the ramp from her stall and meets me at the buckets.

Here she waits for me to start pouring the water....

She sticks her little piggy lips out and gets a drink of fresh water...

as if out of a drinking fountain.

She makes little slurpy noises as she sticks her tongue out....

the water running over her nose, lips, and chin.

She drinks and drinks until she has had her fill.
Isn't she just the sweetest little piggy girl you have ever seen?

I had hoped that construction of our pavilion would be done yesterday.
At sunrise, it seemed possible....

but by mid morning, work had ceased.

By afternoon, this is how the farm looked.

I reiterate... PA weather is so variable this time of year!
Never fear... I would bet that this will be melted in the next day or so.

And the guineas are praying that it does!


  1. You so enjoy those two sweet pigs and it makes me smile when you show us their cute photos. The picture of Mary Ann that you included in the package when I purchased your lip balm is pinned to my bulletin board along with pictures of my grandkids!

    Hope your snow has melted.

  2. Are the guineas okay out in the snow? They are the....well, not the smartest I was just wondering. Cute photos of your piggy girl:-)

  3. Lovely photos ! The weather here has been up and down the high winds have been roaring and howling since yesterday warm rain and then wet flurries and the temps are bitter and ice every where , the sun is out but slowly loosing itself amongst the clouds full of snow that is to be upon us later ! Come on spring ! Have a good day !

  4. those are some cold looking birds! ilove your piggies!

  5. Wonder if those guineas will discover that under the pavilion they would be out of the now? Cute, cute slurping piggy!!

  6. That is so cute to see her drinking! Iowa weather is rather unpredictable this time of year as well. We are to have a winter storm tomorrow.

  7. Fair Warning . . . it has been snowing here for a few days. Another foot yesterday . . . Blizzard . . . It may be coming your way . . . Just sayin' . . .

  8. I almost forgot . . . cute piggy lips, licks and NOSE!

  9. Mary Ann reminds me of Max when he used to drink ONLY out of the spigot..Glad he got over that...Our snow was done by noon and gone an hour or so later..We had another dusting this morning early..No sign of it now...Beautiful sunrise pic...

  10. PA Guineas must be a hearty breed - mine fall apart at the first snowflake and run for shelter! Those are the cutest pigs I have EVER seen!

  11. Her piggie lips are so cute! I wish I were there to give she and Ginger a back scratch! Here in south Texas this time of year can even be strange. We may start out in the morning in a jacket and heat in the car and go home using the air conditioning and putting on shorts! Ha! No snow though-usually! Hugs, Meghan

  12. They are SO sweet and I love the pictures you took of her drinking her water. Thanks for always having such darling posts!!! They always brighten my days!!! Your blog is so special and means so much!!!

  13. Your piggys are so cute. Blessings! Lara

  14. Hey Beverly. Just found you browsing around. Love your farmlife and your pigs and your guineas too. The guineas sure look unhappy... I am following along with you..excited to learn a few things about farmlife..I was raised a country girl and still live in country...had chickens, pigs, horses growing up....dreaming of my own little chicken much but so want! Garden and can all that good stuff..just no animals besides our dog Max..anyway, looking forward to visiting with you. Hope you will stop by and visit with me and maybe follow along too..Blessings!

  15. I absolutely love your blog, especially when its about the pigs. They are so beautiful. You took some really priceless pictures.
    Thanks for sharing and making my day.

  16. Your girls are so darn cute! The guineas sure look unhappy, I don't know about them but assume they are cold hardy birds? Hope your snow melts soon can't wait to see more cute pics

  17. I love seeing the antics of the piggies!
    Lovely photos!!!
    xo Kris


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