Monday, February 11, 2013

As Luck Would Have It....

We are so very lucky.

We dodged a big bullet this weekend.

That crazy Nor-easter storm that blew threw the northeast all but missed us.

We had a light dusting of snow, which by yesterday was practically gone.

We were able to get a lot of work done on our picnic grove.
Right now the area is cleared and a shale pad is down.
Construction begins this week, and then we will have the shale covered with stone dust,
and wood chips.

Hubbs and Tim worked hard to clean up the woods...
sending all of the limbs through the chipper.
By the end of the afternoon, they were exhausted!
This is how I drove them back to the farmhouse....

with Sammy racing the gator!

The horses' dry-lot is looking better than ever and the horses are enjoying
the fresh bedding....
nap time has not been this comfortable in a long time! 

Ginger and MaryAnn like all the extra activity around the farm,
not to mention the warmer temperatures.
Their pasture is still snow covered, however, as it is in the orchard...
on the north slope of the farm... our own little Siberia.

We are once again above freezing,
so Sadie finds the nearest snow pile on which to lay...
she knows how to stay cool!


  1. You guys lucked out for sure. We were slammed with snow. I took a before and after and posted it. If you have a minute, check out the amount of snow we got. The horses are enjoying their bedding. It must feel like a mattress to them. The picnic area is looking good.

  2. Those horses look pretty comfortable in their comfy new bed in the dry lot . . . total, how many animals at Bee Haven?

  3. Oh my goodness....

    My horses 5
    Becky's horses 3
    our goats 12
    My goats 5
    pigs 2
    donkeys 2
    dogs 4
    barn cats 5
    turkeys 2
    guineas 14
    chickens 100+
    Ducks 16
    Bees 10,000+

    I think that's all!!! LOL!

  4. Oh how lucky you were! I've seen some pic from there and wow, the snow! Your animals all are enjoying your weather!!

    I got a kick out of the pic of Hubbs and Tim!! Plus you ended your post with Sadie love!

    Well Miss Energizer Bunny I need to get off the computer and get ready for my work day. Here's to a start of a great week! Hugs!!

  5. Wow, the pigs have gotten big!! And we're still shoveling out of that snow storm.

  6. Glad to hear the storm by passed you ! Some really got hit hard ! Lovely photos . Lots of hard work there for the guys that are passed out in the back of the gator lol ! Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

  7. i can't wait to see the finished picnic area. we ducked the bullet too. that photo of the guys in the gator is hysterical!

  8. I absolutely love visiting here! Your photos are always so wonderful and capture all the love you have for your farm. BTW that is some total you have a above... Yay for animals and fowl. Have a great day!

  9. Can't wait to see your new picnic area finished. Those poor guys...lots of work! It seems to be warming up here a bit, snow melting and my girls and guy are finally getting out everyday. They were too lazy for a while there.

  10. We were lucky..that's for sure..I never counted all the animals..Wow...I knew there were a lot but it's an amazing number when you list them like that..They are very lucky to be there and be recipients of all the love you give them.."The boys" worked very hard indeed...Good Job !!

  11. always a nice visit here.

    i seek a place to wander different from my own.

    love the land, love the animals, and grateful for your sharing.


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