Friday, January 25, 2013

Week's End Wrap-Up

We've had a week of sub-freezing and single digit temperatures.

I've looked like this more than not... lovely warm.

It feels like a week of treading water.
Unfortunately, that water is frozen!
We've had frozen faucets in the barn several times this week
(and that's with a heat lamp hanging over the faucets)

I'm not complaining...because as you know,
my motto is to take whatever comes and be grateful.

So....Thank You, Mother Nature for this frigid weather.
I am sure it will serve a good purpose...
like perhaps decrease the amount of insects we deal with this coming summer.
See?  There is always a silver lining in just about any situation.

I am trying really hard to be a force of positive energy for this world.
To me, that means not only "no complaining", 
but also to change the way I actually feel about situations...
and to look for the positive essence that lives beneath the surface.
It may take a little digging, but it is always there, I am sure!

The best part of this past week is the fact that all of our animals are doing great...
even with the bitter cold!


Jill (my mentor) is still smiling!

Yesterday afternoon, Dot bargained extra hard for room service....

As did Spider...

"What?" he said, "You mean I have to come out of my house for dinner?"

Ginger and MaryAnn only venture out for potty trips, and to chat
with the occasional visitor.

"Can I have thith pretty green thing, Thammy?" Ginger whispered.
I bet you didn't know that pigs talk like that!

Sammy is amazingly patient and tolerant.

Yesterday afternoon, as I was doing farm chores,
Dr. Becky was walking her horses back to the barn from the pastures.

Three very large horses in hand...
what a brave soul she is!

Old Duffy, Ava and Sid were all well behaved, thankfully!
A lead rope with the chain across the nose is a great help.

Have a magnificent weekend!!
We'll be back Monday with more Tails from the Farm.


Margie said...

hehehe! That's about what I've been looking like this week (without the boots, though) just to take one little dog out to potty! It's so COLD! Like you ... I've been trying to find the silver lining in this cold and yesterday as I was shivering uncontrollably outside while McDuff just mosied along sniffing everything and taking his good old time (he LOVES being outside and is not affected by ANY kind of weather) I thought to myself "at least the sun is shining ... I can take the cold as long as the sun is shining!" Good point about the bugs! That's a SUPER good bonus!!! I LOVE the picture of Jill! :) Have a GREAT weekend!

Whimsey Creations said...

Look for the positive - good thing to live by and I need to try to do that more often. Love your pictures - the pigs are darling.

Gone Country said...

I love Jill's smile... so precious!

I, too, am trying to look at situations differently and trying to be more positive about everything that comes my way and looking for that silver lining. It just feels better to have that kind of attitude.

Have a great weekend!

Country Gal said...

Wonderful photos ! I do like your winter hat looks cozy ! I have learnt over the years that winter will be winter and to take what it gives cause there is nothing we can do about it , learn to enjoy what beauty it can bring and cozy up with something fun cause that's the way it is lol ! What happens, happens deal with it when it happens that's my motto now lol Have a great day !

Lynne said...

Brrrr . . . the animals must be thankful for straw, blankets and heat lamps!

Denise at Autumn Sky said...

I love the mini snuggling up to Sammy. Caring for animals makes life more full for me.

Lady Jane said...

I love your farm tails and especially the pic with sammy and ginger. I wish I could share your enthusiam with the cold lol...

Mary Ann said...

What wonderful pictures today, and your outfit looks much like my own!

a view from a brown dog said...

Love your week in photos, everyone looks so happy. Love Jill's smile and Sammy sure does look mighty patient, super cute and lovely they all get along. You have such a wonderful attitude, everything for a reason is our motto over here.

Happy weekending!

Missy George said...

You have a wonderful outlook on life..Words to live by..Dr. Becky is indeed brave..I worry what would happen if they became spooked...She knows her horses I'm sure..I'm with you..less bugs , less weeds next year..Enjoy the snow today...and your weekend..

Kris said...

Lookin' good! Hubby and I have flap caps, and WEAR them in the mountains! I could care less about how I look when it is coooold!!!
Love the doggies jackets too!!!
Stay warm. Fix soup!!

Anonymous said...

when I saw your photo I thought it was me!!! Here in Ct it is unbearably cold. Thank God my dog doesnot go out to do her business she uses pipi pads for everything.. It was a blessing when I was ill .
Hopefully we are going to escape the snow!!!

All the best

Annie v

Katmom said...

Good Grief! we could pass for Twins! lol!
I too have to bundle up like an Eskimo to go outside...
In fact I need to go out to the Man Cave to put some stuff away... and I know it will take me a good 20min to get bundled up... and with my luck after I am all bundled... I'll have to go potty! uugghh! lololol!
Hugz from my Igloo to yours... stay warm.

jaz@octoberfarm said...

jill is one smiling goat! i read a story on someones blog the other day. she told of her mother in law that loved her home but now must live in a nursing home. the woman said that she came home to a horribly messy house and was angry but then stopped and thought, what her MIL would not give to spend one more day in her own house cleaning up a mess. i am remembering this!

Meghan Grace said...

Jill's smile always cracks me up! HeeHee! Enjoy your weekend and stay cozy! Hugs, Meghan

Robyn said...

O I love your blog.. I love your animals especially the goats and the pigs! Theyre so adorable!
Robyn :)

Ocean Breezes and Country Sneezes said...

This sustained cold will kill of some of this pesky mosquitos - thankfully!

I'm happy to hear all your animals are doing well in this bitter cold! A litte warm-up is on the way!

Shannon Templeton said...

You are always there, showing me the way, with farm, with family, with animals, and with life….. God bless you always.


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