Friday, January 18, 2013


We are in the midst of endless gray days...
our world painted with hues of white to black and every shade of gray in-between.

Some might find this cold, monochromatic time of year intolerable,
and yet I find a certain comfort in the quiet stillness that winter brings.

It wasn't always so.
There was a day when I would have wished these days away,
looking forward to the colors of Spring.

And while I love Spring with every fiber of my being,
I have learned patience and the peace that comes with being happy with today.

I'm not sure if farm life taught me this,
or if it comes as a result of being in the second half of my life...
knowing that my days are ultimately numbered
(face it, all of ours are...and always have been).

Regardless, we only ever have today.
And if we don't grasp it and love it and squeeze every bit of life out of it...
we have wasted it.
And the way I see it... each day is much too precious to waste.

To me, living each day as if it were my last has less to do with checking off things on my
bucket list,
and more to do with just enjoying the day as it unfolds... making the most of it.

And so.... I will share some pictures from one such precious day...

Now that the snow is on the ground (and not flying through the air),
it seems that no one is bothered much by it

with the exception of the pregnant ones.

They prefer the warm, dry comfort of the maternity ward...
with its fresh hay and room service.

Even the chickens, guineas and turkeys have been brave enough to venture out.

Ole Roy, however, seems to be under the weather and has remained indoors.

He is acting quite odd, and if his eyes are a reflection of his physical state,
I am afraid he might not be long for this world.

I fear that when I open up this morning, I will find him expired.
Sadly, this is part of farm life...
especially when you have this many chickens of varying ages.
Although I miss them, I don't get too upset when they pass on...
knowing that they have lived wonderful lives running free on the farm.

Lastly, today, I want to thank you for your friendship.
Your visits here are appreciated.
I know you are there.... even if you don't leave a comment.
But when you do, your comments are always so very kind and generous.
They fill me with warmth... enough to chase away the cold of a winter morning.
For being here, for being interested, for loving my animals, for caring and sharing....
I thank you.


  1. It is I who must thank you. You start my week days, make me laugh, cry, and learn. You are loved.

  2. Bev, what a wonderful perspective you just gave on life in your post today". Thank you, it was something that I needed to be reminded of this early morning. You and your family have a wonderful and restful weekend.


  3. Beautiful pictures and wise words Bev!

  4. Bev, I may not post comments very often, but I read each and every word and enjoy each and every picture and video every morning. This life you've made for you and your family on your beautiful farm is enviable. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  5. Love your photos of the Bee Haven farm . . .
    Your reflecting and especially . . .
    "Regardless, we only ever have today . . ."

  6. Lovely post and photos ! I have learnt to accept winter , for there is nothing I can do about it and I am getting older . I think that makes a difference being a farmer and a former farmer helps us to grow and develop and to take life as it comes . Have a good day !

  7. I read your blog every day, but hardly ever's my downfall, must have been a stalker in a previous life!! Being a fellow farm girl I always like to see how others are doing things. Although my farm isn't nearly as "pretty" as yours, it too is done for the love. PS I especially love your donkey girls!!

  8. All...

    I never mind "silent readers"....those who don't leave a comment. I must admit I am one of those quite often. I am just happy that you stop by. I would never call you a stalker....just an observer, and that's ok.

  9. ... Roy has lived an awesome life. It does appear that his days are close to over, but he has lived in animal heaven!

  10. Oh Bev, you should know by now how much I cherish your blog. But just in case you don't it is my morning smile, my first laugh, cry and sometimes even envy. I am living my dream farm life through your blog.
    Even my dream dog, love you Sadie!

    With that I so cherish each and everyday I have. But I do need that reminder once in a while. Today your blog told me it is a great day, get out and enjoy it!
    So off to work I go smiling for I have my Bee Haven Love!! Hugs to All!!!

  11. I, have to thank you.
    When I come to visit you it makes me smile and work worries and Co seem to disappear.
    Your place to me is paradise
    have a nice weekend


  12. Awwhh...I love you too! Thanks for sharing your wonderful life on the farm with all of us!

  13. Poor Roy. The winter is so hard on birds. Those girls do look like they are ready to be done with pregnancy.

  14. I look forward to reading your posts every weekday. Makes my heart happy!

  15. There is something so serene about those white photos! I hope Ol Roy is still kicking, and will bounce back. But if not, I understand that life goes on, on the farm. I got so terribly upset when I lost my first chicken, Snacker! I cannot get so attached!!!
    Have a great weekend.
    xo Kris

  16. Wonderful of your many gifts is the ability to express your thoughts so eloquently....Old Roy has had a wonderful life being loved and cared for by you..Beautiful pictures even if they are a little gray..Nice to see the sun today..

  17. I'm a lurker on your site mostly, but I read your blog every morning, and I always breathe a sigh of comfort to see what your life looks like. I wish mine were more like yours. And I agree that the stillness of Winter can be quite comforting - you can't go 80 mph all the time, we all need rest, and the Mother Earth gives us a chance to do this every year. Quiet, contemplation, dreams - these are the gifts of Winter.

    blessings to you

    Christina / SVG

  18. Beverly, being a city dweller, I thank you for sharing your farm life with us. It is beautiful where you live, and I have never seen a farm with so much love invested in it. I get a kick out of how your animals respond to you.

  19. this is really a great way to look at life! poor ole roy...i would be a sloppy mess if i had a farm.

  20. Thank you for always sharing your fun pics and wonderful words. I love showing my kids all of your animals. :-)
    I wanted to thank you again for the wonderful package you sent during summer. My name was drawn (best video ever btw) when you did your give away. We put the banner up for any fun event and the aperon is one of my favorites. Thank you! -Gillian

  21. It's true what you say.. that we shouldn't wish these winter days away. I try not to do so, but sometimes i'm torn. I really miss the warm, sunny days of summer. But i'm taking vitamin D supplements, so i feel a little better. I turn 50 this summer, and am learning to really appreciate each day and everything that goes with it! I love these pics of your animals as always. So much love here!

  22. Such a great way to view life. Thanks for the pick me up.

  23. I think its our later years that make us appreciate all seasons and the slowness


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