Monday, January 28, 2013

Sunday Hike

I am told that the temperatures are to climb forty or so degrees this week,
out of the single digits to almost 50 degrees!

That will be a gift...
a reminder that the brass ring at the end of this wintry Merry-go-Round ride
is Spring!

The animals will love it, I am sure...

especially the pigs, who are not so fond of snow,

 but brave it for the sake of spending time with their humans.

The horses, in their lush fur coats, may even break a sweat.

The warmth will melt the snow,
and give me a chance to catch up on a little outside barnyard maintenance.
Perhaps I will even clean up the garden boxes a bit.
Regardless of what I end up doing, 
you can be sure I will enjoy the break from this cold.

Yesterday was a beautiful, blue-skied wintry day.
We took the opportunity to take the dogs on a hike.

A hike with the dogs requires two phases.
Phase one is a short, circuitous hike with all the dogs.
This short hike allows Maddie, our aging, arthritic Newfie the pleasure of accompanying us.
We head out through the wood pile, walk along the back ridge and circle back to the house.

Maddie, with snowballs in her paws, is happy to head back into the house.

With the girl dogs snugly tucked in the house,
we retrace our steps...out through the woodpile,

and out into the hemlock forest.

Here we hike up and down hill to the stream.

This picturesque stream, partially frozen, is one of our favorite spots 
and a swimming hole for the dogs in the summertime.

We see evidence of deer in many areas of the woods...
leaves trampled and snow melted in areas that served as sleeping grounds,
deer trails along the ridge, and droppings here and there.

Oakley and Sam, running through the woods, prevent us from actually encountering any deer.

On the way back home, we stopped by Becky's barn,
where she was tacking Sid up for a ride.

Outside were Ava and Old Duffy.

Duffy is at least 30 years old...
a gentle old soul who used to be an amazing ride.
He was the kind of horse that took care of his rider...
adjusting his body to always stay directly beneath his rider.
Happily retired, he spends his days with Ava, grazing away the hours.

When we reached our farm, we were met by Tom and Chuck,
who walked most of the way home with us.

It was great to have a day of sunshine....
the perfect ending for a wonderful weekend!


  1. I know I have written this before, but it bears repeating. How kind you are to adjust your hike to include Maddie. Like all dogs the closer they are to their owners, the happier they are.

  2. i just love tom and chuck. teddy finds deer poop to be the most delectable treat. she also loves to roll in it. it is warming up here too but rain is coming!

  3. Love a walk in the woods like you have on your very own property . . . Liked how you have stacked the wood . . . like a little trail . . . and the visual animal story you tell, . . . delightful!

  4. Sounds like a really nice hike. Our creek is not too far, so we walk to it and follow along looking for tracks in the snow. Good times!

  5. What a wonder walk you had! The blue sky sure is a wonderful thing. The winter blues have snuck in from lack of blue, that is blue skies here. And I thought I was doing so well this year's attitude.

    Love all the pics of the dogs even my little sneak peak of Sadie!! It's off to work I go in a windowless office. Do you think that my play a part of my Winter Blues, hummm.

    Hugs like usual but a wish for a great day.

  6. Beautiful pictures Bev..Poor old Duff..he really looks his age..I feel lucky that I had the opportunity to ride him..I know you'll take advantage of the 2 days of warmer temperatures..One of those days is supposed to be your day off..:)

  7. Almost 50? I'll be right over! :>)
    I went out in the horse barn and found 'mountains of bunny pooo'... guess I know where they have been spending their Winter! lol!

  8. Lovely photos ! Oh you wouldn't want our weather we are having at all . It snowed then freezing rain now rain with fog and snow is melting a sloppy mess it is here ! Have a good day !


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