Wednesday, January 9, 2013

So You Think You Might Want Guineas....

I often get comments from readers who think they might like guineas.
While guineas are interesting to look at,
and are quite comical to watch,
they are also quite boisterous!
(a quality that makes them a good "watch-bird" for a farm)

I would suggest that you might want to have enough acreage to provide
a buffer zone between your home and your guineas'....
as this video will illustrate.
(turn up your volume... loud...guineas only have one setting....loud!)

The good news is...
guineas eat insects...
especially ticks.
And for those of you who have had the misfortune of a stink bug influx,
I am told they also eat these smelly pests.

In all seriousness,
I don't mind the sound of the guineas.
And while I do notice them,
I am quite used to their "song."

PS:  We seem to have succeeded in raising a "smart" group of guineas.
Most of them are still roosting in the henhouse at night...
out of the weather and protected from predators.


  1. They are very amusing! I think Moll may have been just as alarmed as the guineas. It is fascinating that so many birds have lovely, musical voices, whereas others just sound like they are being strangled! We have native hens here that make a clanging, squawking sound that is as discordant and loud as the guineas.

    Kathy from Tasmania

  2. Oh goodness! I love my guineas...and ours are now the smart ones too. Although they are only male. All the females have "disappeared".

  3. The farm down the street has Guineas and they just roam the street thankfully it is car quiet here and come for a visit every now and then . Good info and love your video . Have a good day !

  4. The ones here are very noisy ! lol

  5. Sorry blogger is giving me a hard time in comments lol !
    The farm is two doors down from us and we hear the Guineas doing their nut, geese honking , ducks, roosters crowing , hens doing their nut as well and all kinds of animals every day ! I love it . Have a good day !

  6. a bunch of guineas ran teddy back to the car when we visited a winery. and nothing runs teddy off. i think she didn't know what to make of the large squawking flock!

  7. What some clowns! I will admit these are probably the only tails of your farm I don't have a hankering to own!! But they do provide for a fun video!!

    Enjoy your day!!

  8. I couldn't have guineas because their survival rate would make me sad. Silly birds, why can't they be a little smarter?

  9. They are very comical to watch; some of them look like they can't put lipstick on very well...I agree you need ALOT of land. Don't do what my Aunt did; raised and loved them. She is on 2 acres of land in Tennessee. It was not enough land...those babies flew the coop after 8 months, she was heart broken. No more birds of any kind for her.

  10. I love them! What are a few more clucks and cackles when we already have cacophony of NOISE with ducks, geese and chickens. But husband says: NO MORE BIRDS! Hmmmm,we'll just see about that...

  11. Interesting! I had no idea they made this noise. It sounds like a cross between a goose and a monkey.
    Do they make this noise all day or just when alarmed?
    I can see where you would suggest a bigger space for them....

  12. Sorry I couldn't listen to the whole thing..Mollie is going nuts..She's up on the back of the loveseat trying to look out the window.."Where are they??
    I hear them..Why can't I find them??".Poor thing..Hope you're having a good day..Brrr

  13. They do have quite an unusual sound don't they, but they are so beautiful it just makes up for it.
    Wishing you a wonderful week.
    Thanks so much for sharing this Bev.

  14. We had guineas but had to get rid of them. We live close to the road at the bottom of a blind crest.And even though we have over 4 acres of land, they didn't like staying home, but rather our neighbour (who hated them) and our neighbour across the road that was going to sic her rotthweilers on them. Yippee! So needless to say, we sold them to a guy waaayyyy in the country.

  15. Growing up, the neighbor down the way had both peacocks and guineas. On a still summer night with the windows open you would swear someone was being injured! It took a while to get used to, but it sure is something that makes childhood memories sweeter.

  16. My one guinea is very noisy!


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